CES 2015 Show Stopper: ENIGMAcoustics Dharma Electrostatic/Dynamic Hybrid Headphones

ENIGMAcoustics who!? Here's a perfect example of why I've got to check out every room. Some unsuspected someone will always have a surprise. This time, the big surprise of the show was ENIGMAcoustics and their upcoming Dharma ($1200) hybrid electrostatic/dynamic driver headphone.

For the past couple of years, ENIGMAcoustics have been garnering significant praise for their electrostatic super-tweeters. Now they've turned their high-frequency chops towards headphones.

Electret/dynamic is likely the proper term for this headphone. The Dharma uses a small strip of teflon-like material as the diaphragm of its high frequency driver. The diaphragm is self-biasing, eliminating the need for a high-voltage bias from an amplifier. It wasn't spelled out to me in detail, but one would suspect there is a step-up transformer in the headphone cross-over circuit to provide the high-voltage audio signal for the driver. Wei Chang, Sales Director for ENIGMAcoustics, told me the dynamic driver is also quite special using an Awagami paper diaphragm.

I'm looking forward to learning more about the design of this headphone and getting a chance for a long audition when released sometime in the second quarter of this year. Until then I'd encourage you to take the opportunity to listen to these headphones at CanJam SoCal, THE Show Newport, or the Munich High-End Show this spring.

They're not up yet, but check the ENIGMAcoustics website later this spring for more details.

Click here if you can't see the video.

Stefraki's picture

The loud music in the background was bugging me the whole video -

The Mozart's Requiem breaks in when Tyll says it sound great and I cracked up.

Fantastic synchronicity!

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Mozart's Requiem? Don't make me laugh!
It's Carl Orff's O Fortuna

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Been waiting to hear some impressions of this can since hearing about it. Every little thing posted online says the initial impression has been amazing but nothing more in-depth. Unfortunately, I'm on the East Coast so I won't be able to check these out. Really hope these are something special.

Tyll, do you have any impressions on the sound signature, comfort, etc?

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My interest is zeroing in on these. Something different.

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She's super tweet. She's super tweeter... the kind you don't bring home to momma.

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..Don't mix.

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AKG K340...

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Tyll, was the Dharma a fairly heavy headphone on the head, or was the comfort fairly good?

Tyll Hertsens's picture
I don't recall it being too heavy.