CES 2015 Wrap: I'm Outta Here!

Initially I had planned for two days at the convention center and two days at the Venetian high-end exhibits. My unfortunate misadventure Tuesday night kinda screwed with my schedule as I took the day off to recuperate on Wednesday. I decided to forgo a second day at the convention center as a result. Sadly, I missed a visit with Philips, Harman (JBL, AKG), Parrot, Marley, and numerous others. Sorry about that.

The focus on the Venetian exhibitors was worthwhile, in my view. Not so much in quantity, but in the quality of some of the cool surprises. I mentioned the new Pass Labs headphone amp, HiFiMAN HE-1000, and astonishing ENIGMAcoustics Dharma cans in my reports. But I also got a listen to the Peachtree Audio deepblue2 wireless speaker, which friggen rocked! Gonna get one of these in soon. I also got a little demo and explanation of Meridian's MQA hi-rez format. I think this is a very reasonable approach to compressing hi-rez music into streamable media. Though drive space is cheap, it keeps file sizes quite manageable on music servers. I hate this endless format wars baloney...I wouldn't have much problem jumping on this bandwagon to get it over with.

Near future for me is sending out a bunch of emails to folks mentioned in my reports to start lining up review samples. I've got some cans here that I'll be reviewing. I've found I like the Master & Dynamic MH40 quite a bit. And I think I've found an unusual approach to reviewing the Sony MDR-Z7...we'll see.

I'm going to focus some attention on headphone amps this year. I'll be finishing up my amp measurement routine shortly (just gonna put one more multi-tone spectrum plot in there), and then I'm going to try to run a bunch of amps through the lab for some baseline measurements and datasheets. The I'd like to spend some time with Schiit's line and Simaudio's new amp, among a number of others, to figure out what should be reviewed and who should do the reviews.

Alrightythen, on with the New Year! I hope you all get the opportunity to listen to some great tunes this year, hopefully better reproduced than ever before. And if you're in the Southern California area, don't forget about at CanJam SoCal and THE Show Newport...tap me on the shoulder and say "Hi!" if you see me.

I'm out!

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This is a great read for anyone doing measurements on audio gear. You may have already seen this;

I continue to enjoy your website. Keep up the good work! May the rest of this new year be smoother for you.

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Very interesting, thank you.
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looking forward to MH40 and the Sony z7!

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...ought to include the Cayin C5. This is Cayin's first portable headphone amplifier and an impressive sub-$200 choice.