CES 2016: The Elegant Master & Dynamic MW60 Wireless Full-Size Headphone

About a year ago now I reviewed the Master & Dynamic MH40 full-sized sealed headphone. The sound was good, but the look and feel of the headphone was seriously sweet. This time around, the booth was chock-a-block full of MH40 color variants, plus a whole raft of new products. Right now they're in the midst of releasing their new and very stylish looking MW60 ($549) full-size, sealed, Bluetooth wireless headphone, but they also have on-ear and in-ear models, plus a nice selection of cool looking accessories and limited edition options. These guys have been busy.

Now, I didn't expect to have such a long audition to these new wireless cans, but Master & Dynamic had a bunch of sandwich fixings in their room and I asked if I might indulge my growly tummy. They gave me the go ahead to make some lunch and spend a bit of time auditioning this new headset. Some twenty minutes later, having consumed some calories and tunes from Tidal, I was a happy camper.


The new MW60 sounded better tonally balanced than my memory of the MH40, and as hard as it is for me to believe, it's also significantly better looking to my eyes. I asked Drew Briggs, Chief Product Officer at M&D, about the tuning. He said he has a habit of not leaving well enough alone—after all "well enough" isn't much of a bar to jump. I'd talked with him before about some of the details of the MH40 pads and felt he was pretty on-the-ball with regards to headphone engineering. I'm very much looking forward to an extended listen to the MW60.

Drew will talk you through the entire line in the video.

zobel's picture

The new wirelress is what I'm wondering about. Also, would they work as circumaural for bigger ears?

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They look great and I've heard their previous model. It had a polite sound that I'd say could work for long listening sessions. My current rig is "too accurate" so I get fatigued after about a half hour. Should I go back to mid-fi land, Tyll?