CES 2016: Jaybird's New Freedom and X3 Wireless Sports Earphones

Beats and Bose own the lion's share of the premium (+$100) U.S. headphone market. Care to guess who's third? That's right, Jaybird, and almost entirely on the back of one product: the Jaybird X2 wireless sports earphone. Don't ask me how they managed it; it's a stunning accomplishment.


Following up on that success, Jaybird is about to release two wireless sports earphones: The X3 ($149) which is similar but somewhat less bulky than the previous X2, and the downright svelte looking Freedom wireless IEM.


Jackson Carpenter gave me the full tour of the new Freedom model. With its gently arching thin body, looking much like the Klipsch X12i, the model promises good comfort even for the smallest ear canals. The Freedom will operate for 4 hours on a full charge, and battery life can be extended another four hours by attaching the included charging cradle. Both the Freedom and X3 will be available in a variety of stylish colors.

Also coming down the pipe is the MySound app for both iOS and Android that will work with both the Freedom and X3. The app allows a variety of control over the cans, the most interesting to me was the ability to adjust the EQ of the headphones apparently within the headphones themselves. This means that once the EQ is set it will be in play regardless of which app is playing the music.

Although it means I might actually have to work up a sweat, I plan to test these cans out sometime in the near future. Jackson Carpenter gives you the low-down in the video.

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..regarding Jaybird's ranking 3rd in overall sales...is Amazon. They regularly have alot of offerings which seem fairly priced and/or on sale. They show up in most random headphone searches. I havent played around alot with their products, so i cant comment on value-vs-sound, but im betting they do a good job in that arena.

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If these will help you exercise, then they are good for you! I use the original "X" for working out, and I love 'em. It was worth the time to set up the behind the neck configuration of the wire. I also had to change to Comply Comfy tips, but I do that on my IE80's, as well. The MySound customizations sound really interesting. App customization seems to be a trend.

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According to goldenears measurement, they are pretty linear in the treble(according to the diffusive field target if I remember it right), provided that comply tips are used, and have a bass boost that seems pretty decent. More importantly, the transient response is also quiet good, indicating a pretty good eq job if they ever used in the electronics part to get the FR in target. Haven't heard them yet but pretty interested though. Anyone share some impressions?

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I need to get a pair of these as my other, numerous, bluetooth gym headphones always fail or break for whatever reason. I like the way they clip into the ear and allow full movement. I'm in the gym 6 days a week and train hard for bodybuilding and muscle gain.

Can't wait to try them!