CES 2016: Klipsch Refreshes X Series with New IEMs

I've always really liked the Klipsch X10 IEM, and then the X11i that followed. I'm happy to report it essentially remains in the new line-up as the X12i. The Klipsch X Series now includes four models arranged with a mix of dynamic and balanced armature drivers. This graphic sums them up nicely.


The all-new X20i sports dual-balanced armatures, but very interestingly doesn't have any filters within the sound tube bore. A nice long chat with Klipsch Senior Headphone Product Development Manager, Vlad Grodzinskiy, filled me in on their close work with balanced armature maker Sonion to develop BA drivers tuned so as not to need the external filters. I'm looking forward to some measurements and listening to the rest of the line. I'll let Vlad fill you in on the whole scoop in the video.