CES 2016: New Line of Dual-Driver Headphones from Mitchell & Johnson

And...BOOM! Seemingly out of nowhere, U.K. firm Mitchell & Johnson show up at CES with a full line of dual-driver (dynamic and electret) headphones. With prices ranging from $159 to $599, and sound that seemed pretty good to my ears, this is a line of mid-priced cans worth keeping an ear out for.


Mitchell & Johnson use the marketing buzzword of "Electrostatz" to describe their cans, but electret (a permanently polarized electrostatic driver) is the more technically correct term. All the headphones use a very similar driver assembly; which is sorted by quality of performance and then installed in the various price point models. These are all closed headphones with a claimed frequency response of about 6Hz to 45kHz and a 35 Ohm impedance.

Though I did hear a little coloration as I swapped from one model to the next, I have to say it was much less than expected. Mitchell & Johnson strive to produce affordable audio gear at wallet friendly prices; these cans do seem nicely positioned. I will certainly try to get examples of the line in for measurement and review consideration. 'Til then I'll let Thomas Wolff fill you in on the details of the line.

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Great to see a new name and style enter the fray.

Im pretty confident that 2016 will be the year of closed back headphones in the $200-$600 price range. The "closed" aspect probably seems counter intuitive to most headphone fans but there's alot of us who do alot of listening in environments where open back arent an option (in public, @ work, in shared space with family). Therefore, the best sounding closed option, without going into crazy high end, is a very attractive headphone.

In this arena I think sennheiser has a nice head start with Momentums and Urbanites...I look forward to trying your wall of fame NAD's at some point...and also have had fun with AKG and B&O. The next generation of cans like the PM-3 or the Audeze EL-8 have been raising eyebrows. Cant wait to see what's coming down the road in 2016!!!

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Gorgeous cans that appear to be this well constructed usually sound wonderful. And I'm sure they do.

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Jesus H. C, Hertsens ...

Why don't you get the folks to turn off that effin' background noise so we don't have to lip read!