CES 2016: New Low-Cost Rebel Bluetooth and Passive Headphones from House of Marley

As I was checking out the House of Marley headphones, I stumbled onto their new low-cost Rebel Bluetooth ($69) and passive ($39) headphones. But...but...I thought House of Marley didn't do plastics due to their eco-conscious stance. So I asked Josh Poulson, Marley's Director of Product Development, about the new headphones.


He assured me that House of Marley is still actively working on keeping their environmental impact footprint small. While the new Rebel cans are plastic, the bulk of the headphone is polylactide (PLA), which is a biodegradable plastic made from cornstarch, and the headband cushion material is re-ground silicon waste from other manufacturing processes with a bit of added virgin silicon binder to hold it together.

That's cool and all—I really am glad to hear Marley hasn't abandon their principles—but more importantly, these new Rebel headphones (Bluetooth version here)are surprisingly good sounding at the price. Josh has been around at a few other major headphone makers, and this is his first full headphone product at Marley. His work shows; these new little cans stuck out clearly in the line-up as surprisingly good performers. Josh will tell you the full story in the video.

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It would be a good place to have on some closed cans. It would be nearly impossible to audition open cans in that space. Glad to see some very affordable, somewhat more earth friendly cans that sound good! Hope they made them very efficient also.