CES 2016: The Surprisingly Effective and Affordable Bedphones

A perfect example of why it's important to keep an open mind...and ears. I didn't expect much, but I've learned to give things a shot regardless. It may only happen one time out of ten, but the Bedphones sure did surprise me!

No, you're not going to throw away your Sennheiser HD 600s, but you just might find a place in your life for the Bedphones ($59.95). I don't use headphones to fall asleep at night, but many do as they can help mask outside city sounds or internal tinitus ringing. Bedphones are extremely thin and use a memory wire to attach securely to the ear. These are very small on-ear style headphones and have no features that enter the ear, and are therefore quite comfortable to lie on.


Now in their third generation of development, I found them to be quite a bit better sounding than I expected—though without a strong coupling to the ear, bass levels were somewhat weak. However, with a bit of compression applied (with a sweatband or beanie, for example), bass levels rise and audio performance markedly improves. While I think the Bedphones will work just dandy for their intended application, I can also see them successfully used under beanies and helmets for those involved in action sports. Compression against the side of your head will improve the sound, but you'll still be able to hear surrounding noises and retain your situational awareness.

Steph Shuff gives us the scoop in the video.

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Koss KSC75?

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They work work great for me out of either my portable Cd player, on of my Tascam DR-2ds playing 2496 files. Affordable and sound great as well. Senn had many models to choose from. All affordable.

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