Chord Poly Update brings Roon Ready, Tidal and Qobuz

There’s product updates and then there’s product updates.

Chord Electronics recently unleashed a helluva a powerful firmware update for Poly, the company’s wireless dedicated streaming module which is the peanut butter to their Mojo portable DAC/headphone amplifier’s jelly.

The new version 2.0 firmware which Chord has monikered Poly 2 follows on the heels of their Poly configuration application GoFigure launching on Android after it initially was available only on iOS devices.

This new Poly 2 is jam-packed with features like improved Bluetooth, DNLA, wi-fi and crucially; TIDAL and Qobuz support along with Roon Ready certification. Owners of Poly can flash themselves with the new update after reading the guide on Chord’s website HERE.

Press release highlights

The new firmware will roll-out with an over-the-air update using single-jump firmware update methodology, which allows any previous version of firmware to be updated to the latest version.

Poly is now fully Roon Ready certified. Poly users can benefit from the full backing and support of the company, who is now offering assistance for Poly owners using its software. The update also offers improved network playback performance, including Bluetooth convenience switching to/from Roon Ready mode.

Poly’s DLNA capabilities have also improved to include integration of popular streaming services including Tidal and Qobuz, the addition of Internet Radio support, a DSD rendering update, plus gapless playback support (where supported by the Client App).

A new Wi-Fi driver brings improved performance and flexibility, and is faster over 2.4GHz networks.

Bluetooth has also been improved offering better co-existence with Wi-Fi.

The update includes Id3tag support, MP3 indexing support and a general update to MPD.

The improved configuration switch enables a number of important usage improvements, including: switching between Hotspot and Network Mode; access to Hotspot password reset; Bluetooth PIN code reset and factory reset functions, plus manual firmware update, (all by holding the Config button for 20 seconds); options are audible (spoken) with each button-press.

Benefits include Tidal and Qobuz credentials entry, Internet Radio support with the ability to add favourite radio stations, a Wizard update with improved Hotspot/Wi-Fi switching capabilities, plus a Firmware Update methodology change: after the Poly 2 firmware (V2.0.0) has been installed (along with the new Apps), users will be prompted when new Firmware is available enabling a choice of install timing.

Chord Electronics

jaredjcrandall84's picture

I love these updates. Hopefully the firmware drop was a strategy to increase poly interest with the intent of dropping a new mojo announcement in Munich, or even the hugo2 2go.

circlark's picture

Curious to hear the thoughts of Poly owners: I've got a Mojo (which I love), but I listen to it tethered to my computer. When do you use your Poly? Do you remain in one place and sitting down, or do you use it moving around or on the go? Thanks.

amham's picture

I also have hesitated to jump in with Poly given the "twitchyness" I have read about. Is it now relatively easy to configure and operate or is there still hesitation/regret?

Nl's picture

Still keeps dropping after a period of time. Firmware update did not fix it