Color me excited! A stand-alone CanJam! Woot!

It's been five years since the last stand-alone, CanJam...and I miss them.

The L.A. crew have been working hard the last few years, and their regional meet has become an amazingly strong event. So strong in fact, that Jude has come to see L.A. this spring as the perfect re-entry point of CanJam to its roots as a stand-alone community event.


I did chat with Warren Chi about plans for CanJam SoCal 2015. Details are still unsettled, but there will be opportunities for member showcase displays, vendors both big and small (some small personal audio start-ups were unable to get a seat at CanJam@RMAF this year), and possibly workshops, seminars, and panel discussions.

As I said, it's early yet and planning is in its 'all the balls are in the air' mode, but I came to conclude listening to Warren's excited voice as he enthused both on and off the record, this is going to be one heck of a good meet. I, of course, offered Warren my services in any way he saw fit. Maybe a seminar on interpreting headphone measurements, maybe host a panel discussion like I do at RMAF. But Jude, Ethan (third_eye), and Warren know what they're doing, I'll happily follow their lead on participating.

I suggest you do too. It'll be a great day to push away the keyboard and come see and be a part of the headphone enthusiast community in action! The best place to keep track of plans for the event as they unfold is in the CanJam SoCal 2015 thread at And please, if you see me, tap me on the shoulder and say howdy. I'll be the guy in the Hawaiian shirt.

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Hi Tyll,
will the RMAF 2014 Panel hosted by you be on youtube soon?

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any chance you can rig up a 360 degree google-street-view-camera to an old motorcycle helmet and wear it throughout the show and run a live stream throughout? hahahaha.

cant wait - more headphones, interviews, photos, reviews, enthusiasts, tech toys, and overall in!

Peace .n. Living in Stereo


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Where Jude goes all misty eyed 'previewing' ridiculously overpriced kit from key sponsors, while a giant bag stuffed with cash lies just out of shot.