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Sound Quality
The Zoro II Wireless when run passively on the wire is a polite, warm sounding headphone. Bass is somewhat emphasized and bass bump intrudes somewhat on the midrange delivering a somewhat thick, but not unpleasant character. Midrange is a bit warm tilted due to the bass bump intrusion, but is otherwise fairly even and well behaved. Transition to treble is good delivering a decent sense of presence, but is overall slightly laid back.

Treble detail is good; sounds are clear, well articulated, and never harsh. Imaging has decent width and depth. Treble does have a slightly artificial sound, but it's all actually quite good at this price point.

The main difference in sound between wired and Bluetooth operation is the electronics do deliver some bass roll-off, likely by capacitive coupling somewhere along the line. Measurements do show the bass going out of phase at very low frequencies. Bass is clearly somewhat more bloated and sluggish when operating in Bluetooth mode. The midrange and treble sound virtually the same.

I did not find these headphones to isolate particularly well; this would be a poor choice for loud environments. However, if you're in neighborhood environs, they will allow you to retain some awareness of the environment around you and let you walk around more safely.

While it's easy to poke at the sonic performance of the Zoro II Wireless, the overall presentation is warm, pleasant, and without fatal flaw. At this price it seems a solid performer to me.

Looking for a low-cost way to cut the cord? The Noontec Zoro II Wireless is a solid performer. This is a good looking, well built, decent sounding headphone at this price. Comfort is quite good for an on-ear; Bluetooth controls and operation is intuitive and easy. A folding feature and included carry bag make for easy transport and storage.

Sound quality is good; the overall presentation is warm and polite. Bass boost is modest, but bleeds into the midrange making the bass a bit intrusive and accentuating the lower midrange making for a warm sound. In wireless mode the bass is less tight and extended.

I'll be putting the Noontec Zoro on the "Wall of Fame" primarily because the MEElectronic Air-Fi Matrix2 AF62 has been discontinued and the replacement doesn't sound as good. I think the Zoro II is a solid recommendation, but there certainly could be better. Suggestions for sub-$200 on-ear BT headphones welcome in the comments.

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jim in cheyenne's picture

I don't know if it is quality control or something else;
the Zorro II's I acquired are not worth listening to.
(My standard phones are the Sennheiser 6xx)
Hopefully you can listen before you buy, or get a good return option
Hopefully YMMV

ednaz's picture

Reading Jim's comments brings back memories of my first (and second and third) set of MEElectronics wireless headphones. The first sounded like I was listening to music through an Our Gang tin can and string system. The second was so mid-range hyped that I got a headache after 30 minutes of use. But I'd seen so many great reviews, so I exchanged them again...

And the third time was absolutely a charm. Suddenly I was hearing what I'd read that many reviewers had heard. I wonder if your experience with the replacements was a sample variation problem. I'm a photographer, and the huge range of sample variation in performance - focus speed, but mostly sharpness - from lens to lens from many manufacturers means that guys like me go to shops and try four samples and pick the one that's best, and that matches the tech spec charts from professional reviews.

I wonder if the same thing is going on here. Would be really interesting to see the results of a half dozen "identical" headphones, first from a bargain brand, and then from a top of the line brand. In photography, the bargain brands are as expected in sample variation, but at the high end, surprisingly, there are a few stunningly expensive high end professional lenses that are wildly inconsistent, unit to unit.

tony's picture

In my travels, I've seen the LG Tone Bluetooth device in use, I've asked folks about it, they love it!

I own an older version, I love it! ( but I've never used it for music )

One of my Sons has a LG Tone and loves it!

Now, Today, Harmon have a hand in creating one of the Tone variants, ( the Platinum ), it's supposed to feature 24 bit abilities ( ?, does that mean anything ).

These thing max out at or around $170 US.

I'd recommend them because they allow keeping the phone in the pocket and hands-free.

I'm having the idea that LG is doing something special for Audiophiles, the V20 Phone has quad DAC chipsets and their matching Harmon Tone headset is said to be Audiophile level. ( probably not at Sennheiser HD 600 level but as good as we might hope for, from Bluetooth )

Love to read your comments on these developing technologies, especially since you have the closest relationship to Harmon of any person I'd know.

Tony in Michigan

ps. RMAF have you listed for a couple of interesting Seminars. I hope they let you have the video copy and allow you to post it on this site. ( my fingers are crossed )

poleepkwa's picture

I am not how available these reasonably priced units are in the States (and at what cost), but these Bluetooth headset I have like have been the XTZ Divine and Fidelio M2BT.

neo's picture

Too bad the Noontec looks like a beats knock off...
What do you think of Sennheiser's new affordable cans? The HD 4XX, HD5XX

potterpastor's picture

I had/have both and to my ears, the Zoro ii HD wireless with the wire sounds exactly like the Zoro ii HD. Would you agree, or is there a sound degradation?

Tyll Hertsens's picture
The Zoro II seems a bit more lively and open, it has a bit more treble response up high, but they're quite close.
veggieboy2001's picture

I've heard some good things about the 1MORE Bluetooth MK802.... I remember you being a bit underwhelmed with the wired version. Have you had a chance to hear them yet?

Type35's picture

I don't get your comment about the Matrix2. It's still available on Mee website and you can also find the corresponding Ausdom model on Gearbest for about $30. So why retire it from the Wall of Fame? It still seems like a legit low cost Bluetooth alternative.