Contest Time!!!

Brian Gluck over at has been very helpful to me as I've worked to start up InnerFidelity. He's a sponsor here; he's sent me gear to audition; but he said he'd like to do more.

And he's putting money where his mouth is ...

The Weekly Contest
Brian has kindly offered to give away a $50 gift certificate once a week as a contest prize. Sweet! One of my goals is to become a little source of schwag for folks who love headphones. Hobbyists love free stuff; I love having readers; and folks like Brian love to draw attention to their business. Win, win, win for all!

So, here's the deal: once a week (and you'll never know when) I'm going to ask three questions. First person to post the three correct answers get's a $50 gift certificate at

I'd like to point out that offers a 10% discount on your entire order as well --- so, coupled with a contest win, or two, you can be a long way toward a very good deal on a pair of headphones, or anything else they sell.

Ready ... Setty ... Go!

1) What are the Sennheiser and AKG brand names for their two-layered diaphragm materials?

2) What is another term for the "acoustic reflex" that tenses the muscles of your middle ear to reduce vibrations getting to the oval window of the cochlea?

3) What chord does this spell (notes from low to high): C, E, G, A, D?

Good Luck!

And thanks Brian! Mighty generous of you.

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j.SoundLabs's picture

1. Duofoil & Varimotion
2. Auditory Reflex
3. C6 with Added 9th

j.SoundLabs's picture

or you could call it the Stapedius Reflex I guess :)

donunus's picture

1. Duofol & Varimotion (correction on spelling :) )
2. attenuation reflex
3. C6/9

edited: #1 I sometimes see it as DuoFol too

inarc's picture

And the winner is... Google!

j.SoundLabs's picture

actually the first two answers can easily be found in two of Tyll's blog entries and since I have a small amount of musical training it was not too difficult to come up with the chord. Donunus is correct that Duofol is correct, but Tyll (and many others) have spelled it duofoil.

inarc's picture

So you got the term "Auditory Reflex" straight from Tyll's article?

Tyll Hertsens's picture

... his correction in his second post, "stapedius reflex" is in the article.

inarc's picture

You missed my point, but I don't really care. Whether one uses a Web or this site's search engine, on the Internet, such trivia contests are absurd, in my unimportant opinion.

Tyll Hertsens's picture

Just a bit of fun where someone walks away with $50 towards a purchase. What's wrong with that?

I'll make it tougher next time, though.

Tyll Hertsens's picture

... gonna have to make the questions harder next time.

j.SoundLabs has got it ... but only by adding his "stapedius reflex" addendum. But it's good enough for me, mate. I'm sending your email address to Brian at, he'll be in touch with the details of how to redeem your gift certificate. Congrats!

j.SoundLabs's picture

Thanks Tyll, I'm glad I added that extra bit!

dalethorn's picture

I didn't know the answer to any of these, and I subscribed to all the audio mags and the AES Journal for years.

Tyll Hertsens's picture
... j.SoundLabs got it right off the bat.