Cool List of AAA Releases for 2014 on Steve Hoffman Forums

All this talk lately about the need for great masters had me searching for some good recordings. This was a particularly interesting find: 2014 AAA Vinyl thread on Steve Hoffman Forums. This is a list of know for sure AAA vinyl releases for 2014. The link will take you to page 18 of the thread where the most current list resides down the page a bit.

Now, of course they're not vinyl, and no guaranty they're even the same master, but I figure if the album is recorded well enough to bother doing an AAA to vinyl, the tracks on Tidal might be good too. Here's the list whittled down to the albums that are available on Tidal. I added the genre at the end of each for a bit more info, and an * if I thought it was a particularly good sounding track. My favorite of the bunch was "She & Him".

The Len Price 3- Nobody Knows (UK version only! - Mastered by Noel Summerville) Punk Rock-ish

Drive by Truckers - English Oceans (mastered by Greg Calbi @ Sterling) Country Rock

Haden Triplets - S/T (Third Man Records, mastered by Robert Hadley @The Mastering Lab)Bluegrass/Folk*

Paul Rodgers - The Royal Sessions (mastered by Ryan Smith @@Sterling) Funk*

Neil Young - A Letter Home (Third Man Records, mastered by Bob Ludwig & George Ingram @NRP) Neil Young is his own genre, I think.

Jack White - Lazaretto (Third Man Records, mastered by Bob Ludwig) Alt Rock*

Nick Waterhouse - Holly (mastered by Chris Bellman) Retro Beach Rock

Shellac - Dude Incredible (AAA per email from Bob Weston (Thanks, Mike)) Heavy Goth-ish Rock*

Ben Fields - Extraordinary Light (Mastered by Bernie Grundman: Male singer pop-ish

She & Him - Classics (mastered by Bob Ludwig, vinyl cut at Welcome to 1979) Jazz Singer*

Shock Radar - The Purist ( Anthem Synth Rock?*

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Going Home (mastered by Jeff Powell)Blues

Ryan Adams - S/T (mastering Bernie Grundman) Alt-Country*

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Some of these jumped out at me as being suspect for AAA. So I checked over at Discogs and looked at an online venders descriptions. I don't claim to know anything, but..
Bob Ludwig gave up analog along time ago. She and Him is almost certainly mastered digitally. So same for Jack White Lazoretto
Ryan Adams is mastered by-Howie-Weinberg-Mastering, not BG, according to Discogs. I could be wrong but at that price I have to wonder about AAA.
I do not find a Chris Bellman mastering credit for Holly Cole. But he does generally master from tape.
That's as far as I got but,
I've learned to be extremely skeptical when people claim AAA.
Not that I'm an expert, but I do try to check my facts.
Happy hunting !

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Thanks for the info, I just stubbled across the list at SHF and figured they probably have a decent grip.
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I went to their site and from what I can see, it is streaming only. Unlike HD Tracks or Pono, you would have to have a device that could both receive the internet signal at sufficient speed and provide a good enough DAC and amp to do the source justice. I'm not sure I have a device like that. I can't imagine a phone would be good enough. I suppose I could hunker down at my desktop computer, plug in an outboard DAC and listen that way. Seems a little awkward.

I'm sure I'm missing something. Could someone help me out. The search for really good Hi-res source material is a worthy one, but the delivery chain has to be up to the job.

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she and he?

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him and her?

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are not interchangeable, nor are subjective and objective audio equipment reviews.