Drop Starts Tomorrow for the Massdrop x EMU Purpleheart!

This drop will be going live tomorrow, and if you're in the market for a killer sealed headphone for mobile use don't miss it!

This headphone is a derivative of the E-Mu Walnut that I positively reviewed here. And the Walnut is a derivative of the Creative Aurvana Live! that I positively reviewed here. And the CAL! is a derivative of the old Denon AH-D1001 that was so long ago it was before I started reviewing at InnerFidelity. Suffice it to say, this is a damned fine little headphone that has withstood the test of time...with flying colors.

With the same price as the all-plastic Creative Aurvana Live!, Massdrop's $79 price for this headphone with its real Purpleheart wood earcup covers is simply outstanding! E-Mu System's E-Mu Walnut—the same headphone but with Walnut earcup covers—goes for around $150.

This is a somewhat warm headphone with a well behaved midrange and a balanced but slightly hazy treble. It's sealed to get rid of some background noise and is efficient enough to get plenty of volume from phones, however, it does not have a mic or remote for headset use.

If you want to dig into this headphone, check out the links to my related reviews in the second paragraph above. For an in-depth look diectly at the Purpleheart you can check out Hands' excellent review at SBAF.

3000 units will become available tomorrow at 6:00AM Pacific Time: Massdrop x EMU Purpleheart


Click on graphs image to download .pdf for closer inspection.

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MD is repeating the same methodology as the Sennheiser 6xx drop - 6am PT start, X,000 units only. Servers broke under unprecedented loads, and many like me sat hitting refresh while the drop went from 1 to 5k+ in a matter of hours. Granted, I am "lucky", MD later got back to me with an offer to join the drop, I doubt many were fortunate to see that email.

Surely it must be like crack to consumer retail companies like MD when one receives such an overwhelming response using a new viral marketing tactic - kind reviewers such as Tyll land a post highlighting the "limited" units on offer and the "door buster" style of access to buy button. I admit, the product and the pricing are very good.

There are no doors to bust. If servers cannot scale with said load, the technologically savvy among us find twisted ways in (bots etc.) while the rest get frustrated. I hope MD remains a responsible e-retailer and holds themselves to high standards of business, and consumers be responsible buyers and respect each other's right to participate.

My recommendations for MD: Avoid giving away the # of units on the drop - eases the tension. If you must, perhaps a lucky draw (if more folks than drop limit want to buy) decides who gets to join. Just my $0.02.

Happy Holidays to you Tyll and to all readers of Innerfidelity!

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Happy Holidays to you Tyll and to all readers of Innerfidelity!


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I'd rather know the # of units on the drop, not knowing how long it might be available for or how long it might be up for isn't gonna appease people any more than knowing in the long run, theme still gonna fret over the uncertainty.

In any case, this deal isn't anywhere as killer as the HD6XX, in that case they were going well under the usual street price or even under the once-a-year sale price or refurb price. Yes technically the Walnut version is $150 or 2x...

BUT I'd say there's a strong argument for the Walnuts being pretty overpriced at $150. You can get something with similar SQ, a far stronger build, and/or removable cables from V-Moda/Beyer/AT/etc for about the same $150.

PLUS the CAL, with very similar SQ and the same build sans wood currently sells for $44 on Amazon, and has sold as that price point for a while despite what Tyll quoted above if bought direct from Creative...

I'm not knocking the drop, just saying you should relax, the situation is clearly not as recent as the HD6XX drop. It's 1:34 EST on the 20th now and the drop is merely at 354, think they're ordering 1,500 and can go to 3,000.

I'm also not knocking the drop either... I'm in for a pair even tho the CAL are easily a better value and I already have more portable on ears (M-80/XS). They'll either be a nice bedside pair or I'll regift them.

The price and looks of the CAL wouldn't make for a great gift since both are much more common and nothing special... These are pretty unique looking, even if the drop happens countless times down the line they're still classy enough they won't look like a cheap regift. ;p

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Thanks so much for the shoutout and link to my review! :)

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Good work deserves attention. You're welcome, mate.
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Noontec Zoro 11 HD?
Pulling up the measurements side by side, the Zoro wins in every graph, as well as in efficiency.

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is $55 now at Amazon.

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Hi Tyll In one of your recent review of the Foster series, you mentioned that E-mu teak was going to make it to the wall of fame. Does that still hold?
Or has your opinion somewhat changed?

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Are you here?

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