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Extend iPod Touch 5G battery life when connected to external DAC thru CCK

Hi All,

I love my configuration of iPod Touch 5G paired with CCK, mini USB hub to Audioquest DragonFly v1.2 and to Eytimotic ER4-PT.
I use TIDAL HIFI (CD quality) and Onkyo HF Player for FLAC 24/96-192.
Alway in offline mode (no wifi activated) with downloaded files to save battery in streaming.

My problem is iPod battery life:
- under 50% battery capacity DragonFly is not recognized
- Schiit Modi DAC when connected needs extra power through especial USB cable to work, even with ipod 100% battery
- with DragonFly in only 2-2.5h hours 50% of battery is reached and then external battery needs to be used with special USB cable
- when external power is used, ipod can play for 30+ hours

Is there any configuration of ipod to extend battery life without external battery support (powerbank) when connected to external USB DAC?

How does compara internal iPod Touch 5G DAC (Cirrus I think) with Dragonfly v1.2? Is it worth for TIDAL HIFI (16/44) mode?

Do any of you suggest only use external DAC Dragonfly for FLAC files when bigger than 16/44 as 24/96 o 24/192?

Thanks in advance,

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