Final Audio Design FI-BA-SST In-Ear Headphones

Last weekend, Final Audio Design (S’NEXT) showed their new flagship balanced armature IEM for the first time in the USA: the FI-BA-SST35 (3.5mm, $1249) or FI-BA-SST25 (2.5mm, $1279). The FI-BA-SST is the latest in the FI-BA-SS series and looks very similar to the FI-BA-SS3.

I’ve lusted after Final Audio Design's aesthetic sense for as long as I’ve been aware of the company. They continually impresses me with their unparalleled devotion to elegance and minimalism. The FI-BA-SST is clearly no exception.

They both feature a single balanced armature driver housed in stainless steel, with the same 112 dB SPL, and 16 ohm impedance. They also both feature Final Audio Design’s Balancing Air Movement (BAM) mechanism. The FI-BA-SST has a shorter cable than the FI-BA-SS3 (1.2m, down from 1.4m) and employs beautiful high purity OFC silver-coated cables (rather than the original black elastic cable.) They also weigh a bit more (26g, up from 20g.) As with all Final Audio Design products, the FI-BA-SST is manufactured at their factory in Japan.

Michael Brown introduces us to the FI-BA-SST in this video:

Watch on YouTube here.

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Was very glad to have the rare opportunity to listen to Final Audio Design products at this year's CanJam. Michael & the rest of the FAD staff were extremely nice & basically let their products speak for themselves by letting me listen to many of them. When I had questions, Michael had the answers & did so in a NON-condescending manner, which was very much appreciated. Good stuff.

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When listening to the FAD Sonorous X (or was it the VIII?) at CanJam, I was reminded of the venerable Sony MDR-R10. Michael mentioned that Kanemori Takai was a former employee of Sony, so perhaps that sound signature made its way to the Sonorous line. Any chance of doing a comparison of their respective measurements, Tyll?