First LCD-4 Measurements and Little Help from Readers

For a variety of perfectly understandable reasons, Audeze was only able to provide one LCD-4 for measurement and evaluation. I now have 3 LCD-4s measured and have put them in this AllLCD4Measurements.pdf.

The first measurement labeled "Audeze LCD-4" is the reviewed sample that I found a bit od in the treble 4kHz and up. The second one, sn 4142948, is the one I recently received from Audeze and should be considered a known good headphone.

The next three are measurements of the LCD-4 (sn 4142923) that Bob used in the shootout. It should be considered known bad due to the distortion in the left channel. It is unknown when this problem occurred. This headphone is currently on route to Audeze for repairs.

I think this is simply too small a sample to say anything worth I'm just going to shut up about the measurements. What I really need are three more LCD-4s to measure...and maybe InnerFidelity readers might be able to lend a hand.

If you live in the continental U.S.A. and have a 200 Ohm version of the LCD-4 you are willing to have me measure, that would be great! Simply post your willingness to have them measured in the comments below, and email me at with the subject line "Measure My LDCD-4", and I'll pay the shipping both ways.

You'll need to include all your contact info in the email: shipping address; phone number; email; name; and forum name. I'll also need the dimensions of the box rounded up to the nearest inch, and weight rounded up to the nearest pound. I will then ship you a UPS label. I should be able to measure and reship the headphones back to you in 2 or 3 days—round trip probably ten days total.

Thank you so much in advance. It's not easy getting your hands on a bunch of $4000 headphones, the help will be much appreciated by myself and the headphone enthusiast community.

And I'll include a signed measurement sheet when I send it back!

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You can hear the wind blowing through the empty comment section.

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I find it interesting that all these $3-4000 headphones can be so inconsistent and have so many problems. One used by a reviewer is even being sent back because of distortion in one channel. Sheesh.

I spent about $250 for my JVC HA-FX1100s, and another in-ear, which I got for about $15 at a 7-11 in Taipei Taiwan, is unbelievable (for the price). Both sound really good with my Fiio X7, for different kinds of music, and despite the insistence of reviewers to the contrary, I hear a soundstage with both. Both continue to work dependably.

Instead of long, continuing, in-depth reports on the many problems of stratospherically expensive headphones, time spent reporting on good to excellent headphones at moderate prices would also be an attractive proposition.

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While I do agree with you comment that there is a paucity of good reviews for more affordable products, I think it's also important to pay attention to the high end. It's important, not just for making purchasing decisions (not of my graduate student stipend!) but to see where this industry is going and the trends being set by the strongest players. What's happening with these ultra-expensive headphones is important not just because a lot of people are feeling betrayed, but also because it could reveal something unfortunate about the whole industry or be a sign of things to come. After all, why should I spend my time and money making sure my headphone is perfectly balanced and consistent if Audeze can get $4k for one that isn't?

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Yes, you're exactly right. I don't object to reports on the highest of the high end--I would just like to see more reports on my own particular areas of interest. That would include, among other things, the new Shure electrostatic in-ears (which aren't cheap either) and I suppose the new Sony MDR-Z1Rs as well. Cheers.

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I don't know if anyone is interested, but I made a tool that can compare Tyll's plots. Here are the 5 LCD4 measurements.

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Just for fun, here's a Harman compensated graph of LCD4

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I wish InnerFidelity had build-a-graph with this option built in so we could see all of the measurements with any compensation we desire. Maybe "Suuup" has this figured out already. Tyll you might want to get in touch with him about it as his tool is very impressive.

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We're working on it and I have seen Suuups stuff.

Pretty damned cool, if you ask me.

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Can you say anything about how far along the tool is? If it's here like next week, I don't see a point for me to continue developing this tool. If it's months away, I might still add features.

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I could... Help out.. If you want.

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It's an internal project, sorry.
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For even more fun, the Utopia Tyll Edition is closer to LCD4 than to other Utopia:
Blue: LCD4
Red: Utopia Tyll Edition
Others: Other Utopia