Focal Clear Over Ear Open Headphones Measurements

Click on graphs image to download .pdf for closer inspection.

Due to the kerfuffle with the mal-tuned Utopia I had and subsequent measurements to find it not representative, I did measure two Clears. The one above, which you can see by clicking the graph image, and this one.

Raw frequency response measurements show very litle change with position on the ear...even up into the very highest frequencies.

From 400Hz down there is a very wide humped response providing a modest amount of bass accentuation, which I liked quite a bit. I did hear a slight intrusion of the bass emphasis into the mids, but because the overall emphasis is modest it's not very noticeable.

From about 600Hz, a gentle rise starts towards the 3.5kHz peak. The curve has an inflection at about 1.2kHz. I'll note this looks quite like the compensation curve I'm working on that was developed for the upcoming on-line graph tool.

I did hear this upper-midrange/presence area on the Clear as dead-on in terms of vocal fundamental and overtone proportions.

There's a pretty quick fall after the 3.5kHz peak, and a small subsequent peak at 6kHz. To me this looks like a balancing act between the Elear and Utopia responses in the area. I did hear this area as less refined than the Utopia, but the presence of a larger 6kHz peak on the Utopia is troublesome. I think the Focal engineers struck a very good balance here, and heard the Clear as producing very natural sounding cymbals.

30Hz square wave has remarkably little swayback for an open dynamic headphone; maybe the best I've seen. Bass is nice and strong but lacks a little in textural resolve—possibly due to phase shifting of the large primary driver resonance at 55Hz.

300Hz square wave is similar to the HD 600/650 response with a short ring due to the fairly sharp peak at 3.5kHz, though it's a bit rougher in nature. Like the HD 600/650 I didn't hear this as a problem.

Impulse response look fairly noisy, but did not sound nearly as grainy as I would have expected given the measurement.

THD+noise plots are quite low remaining fully below 1% on the 90dBspl curve. The 100dBspl curve shows a gentle rise in the bass, but again didn't sound as distorted as one might expect from the plots.

Impedance plot shows a nominally 60 Ohm headphone, but the primary driver resonance at 55Hz is very strong. This will appear as an increase in bass response with higher output impedance amplifiers like OTL tube amps. As such, I don't recommend the Clear with these amps.

I'm not sure I know what's going on with my isolation measurements of late, they seem to be wandering around a bit. I'd trust the Clear isolation measurement of the sn A1BRQE000013 measurements more than those shown on the 000007 unit, which does seem to be about 5-10dB more open than the Utopia or Elear above 3kHz.

With about 111mVrms needed to achieve 90dB at the ear, the Clear will be driven to solid listening levels by portable devices.

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glabetrotter's picture

Hi Tyll!

At first I would like to congratulate the review and wish you Merry Christmas!
I want ask you what u think about Focal Listen? I know that u like other models headphones Focal. In my opinion Focal Listen are really good headphones and are better than e.g. OPPO PM3 or cheaper Beyerdynamic DT150. Uff, this is revolution in portable sound and not only, because we can use Listen in home. They are easily to drive, sounds good... very good at this price... But still it's only my opinion. Can u talk me what u think about this model?

Best regards,

Iliketrains's picture

Tyll said the focal listen is fairly "meh". Nothing special

Lawk's picture

I quite like the listen from an in-store demo. Certainly natural sounding.

Beagle's picture

Great headphone for the money..

zobel's picture

...Too small again for me though. I need at least a 40 mm X 70 mm opening.
I'm glad for for having my AKG K7XX, and Senn HD 600, and HD 380 Pro. I am not deprived at all. Nothing too wrong with the Amperior either.
I just wish everyone's fit could be addressed in these designs somehow.
AND I wish everyone here a Happy Christmas and Merry new Year!

Liopleus's picture

Hi Tyll,

Could you let me know if I can get similar sound by putting the Clear pads on the Elear, or is it better to simply upgrade to the Clear?

Thanks in advance!

jodet's picture

I've been a serious can guy for over a decade, Stax, Sennheiser, etc. I cannot get over how much I enjoy these Clears. They are so well balanced and the fit and quality is off the charts. They're an end game headphone for sure.

Serious's picture

Honestly the target looks more like a DF tuning with a bass bump and treble shelf than your new target. It does have less 2-3kHz than DF though.

Here's a quick and dirty overlay between the Clear and your graph with the ID, DF and new targets:

And here's the same thing, but with the Harman target (different HATS, though). Harman target is similar to DF, but with a speaker target FR added:

Idk, but the midrange curve looks pretty similar to the DF tuning of Stax phones. At least on paper this looks like nothing new.

tony's picture

Color match to hair is obvious, who does color better than the French ?

Focal is ranging Color in their Loudspeakers too.

Arn't Aesthetics & ergonomics 'part and parcel' to "Luxury" ?

You're right, they're gorgeous and people will probably want to try them out, just based on appearances.

Even those Cables have that black/white repeating contrast that I see in the Five Star French Hotels like "The Mark" in NY,NY !

Geez, this stuff just keeps getting better.

21st Century Tony in Michigan

ps. Steve Guttenberg's YouTube is a "must", he's outdoing Herb Reichert & Paul McGowan at in-sighting.

Merkurio's picture

Seems you're really enjoying them, aren't you Tyll?

Maybe isn't fair play due the price difference, but it would be great if you made a quick comparison between these and the LCD-2C.

As much as I really like what Audeze did for the price, I'm now tempted with the Clears... But the bass response, highs spikes taming and soundstage size are my main concerns, the LCD-2C simply nails it in those regards!

drm870's picture

I ask because while it's nice knowing you can finally "unreservedly recommend" a $1000+ headphone, $1500 is still going to be a stretch for me. At $800, though, the Elex would be a good step up. I've never paid more than $400 or so for a headphone (the Oppo PM-3, and I bought the Sennheiser HD 650 for a hundred or so off at the time of purchase), so that would still be a step up to be sure -- although I guess the MrSpeakers Aeon would be the competition at that price point. Anyway, appreciate all you do!

Martin.'s picture

This comment might as well come from me. I have the Oppo Pm-3, Senneheiser 6xx incoming, and am looking for the next step. Was considering this, the Elex, the LCD-2C or one of them AEons.

donlin's picture

Excellent review and spot on in all regards. This one is special.

crazywipe2's picture

Good to know there is a > kilobucks headphone without major flaws that earns the ticket without reservations!
I like them visually, but I don't like the light grey color scheme. Honestly it's too cold. Do you know if they will come out with a more appealing black version in the near future?

visitbe's picture

Tyll, I appreciate your efforts in creating this and other reviews. I can only imagine how much work is involved.
If I were to eat ramen for months and save up for this headphone and an amp, what amp do you recommend pairing this headphone with?

jk6661's picture

Forgive the probably noob-ish question, but why isn't the Clear a good match for high output impedance tube amps? And what constitutes "high" output impedance? I ask because I have a tube am, and I'm considering this headphone.

jherbert's picture

"...After a little listen I decided this was a pretty poor match, delivering a wooly and indistinct sounding bass. Truth is, all three Focal cans have too low an impedance and large primary driver resonance to be successfully used with high output impedance tube amps...the Clear is particularly troublesome in this way however..."

mariscosyketchup's picture

I agree 100% with you, the Clears are something special.
However, a few nitpicks:
- I would like more room on the earpads, something like 70x50 mm instead of 60x50mm.
- A tad less midbass (to prevent the slight bleed into the mids), and a bit smoother treble, to get a more "even, liquid" sound.
- A bigger soundstage, the Clears (and also Elear and Utopia) have a small soundstage to my tastes.

That would make them just perfect for me.

zobel's picture

What you said.

sszorin's picture

Focal made a big error by using 40mm driver in their headphones. 50mm should be a minimum for top end headphones, 50mm driver balances frequency bands better than 40mm one. Focal Clear's driver bleeds bass into middle frequencies - that means 'Clear' are not transparent headphones. They have an upper mids roll-off in the critical frequencies 1000Hz - 3000Hz, which affects overtones. I predict the new Audio-Technica ADX5000, with its 58mm driver will push Focal Clear aside.

Malik's picture

Audio-Technica? No thank you ;)) LOL

sszorin's picture

Focal ? LOL

Malik's picture

If you happen to find this headphones let me know please! I still havent found! I want Clear to have bigger earpads, smoother treble, bigger soundstage and deeper bass!

IgorC's picture

I wonder whether Tyll can add numerical rating to his reviews. I think that will be even more representative and useful for people.

Something like, bass is 4.5, highs are 4.0, comfort is fantastic (5.0) etc...

Thank You.

Ranstedt's picture


which of these cans would you recommend for an audio professional that needs a reference pair of cans to mix / master on? Which of these cans expose flaws better in a piece of music?

The reason I'm comparing to the Aeon Closed is because in the Aeon Closed review you said "With a sound straight down the middle, both audio enthusiasts and professionals will find themselves pleased as punch with this high-value audio transducer. Tonal balance and transient response are extraordinary; imaging is very good for a sealed headphone; only some roughness and slight dynamic compression belie the fact that this is a sealed headphone and isn't going to deliver the finess, smoothness, and liquidity of some open headphones."


Phoniac's picture

Audeze LCD MX4.

kais's picture

Everyone's hearing and taste is different, so you have to evaluated by yourself.
The reviews can give you a good starting point for selection, not more.
Listen to a bigger selection of professionally recorded music of the type you are doing that you know sounding good on speakers in the outside world, and imagine if you would change the mix.
Then do some test mixes on them and check how they work on different speakers.
The headphones you feel the least need for changes in the mix for both cases are the ones that fit best.
Being an audio professional too, with a big studio, I choose the headphones that fitted best to my monitoring system, although I don't need to work much on headphones I ended up with a system in the $5000 range.
I do not use this system to enjoy music, just to work on it!

南开米饭's picture

why just pull off the Stax 009? it stays there too long

GNagus's picture

Before you rip headphones off the wall, keep in mind that some headphones such as the HD800S play nice with a variety of amps.

MLSensai's picture

Hi Tyll,

I appreciate your reviews. Based on your impression of the Elear I bought this can in March but missing a little bit clarity. Now I am very excited about your opinion of the Clear. I also owned and own Sennheiser HD6XX(S) and in my opinion the Elear is suoerior to them already. So on Head-Fi I found measurements comparing the Clear with all these and now the Massdrop Elex has been measured and compared with the Clear.

The Elex and Clear seem to be twins in their freqzency responses. The Elex with a little bit more energy above 10k and the Clear with a few dB more bass under 40Hz (should not be a big deal).

Ok, to shorten this...
Will you compare both directly, the Elex and the Clear?

Here is the link to the measurements

Best regards