Grado DIY Project by Starving Student Audiophile Gives New Meaning to Music Page 2

Audiophile. I turn to the SR-60 mod thread---several hundred (now well over a thousand) pages of wisdom regarding how to squeeze the hi-fi juice out of any Grado.

I started cheap with the first and most effective: the sock mod. Originally attempting to bring up the bass a bit, I got free dress socks from shoe stores at the mall and wrapped them around my precious bowl pads. The bass was a tad more quantifiable, but the highs had gotten out of hand. Plus, the pads placed pressure on your ears and thus hurt after several minutes.

Revision two: I'd heard something about how the flat pads that come with the SR-60 were bassier than the bowls that came with the SR-225. Starving student, remember? Couldn't buy the flat pads, so what did I do? I took a Ginsu knife and hacked into my only set of bowls. I cut them down to about half their original height. Bass was again more quantifiable, but muddy at best. I needed to tighten up that bottom end again.

Revision 3: Back to free dress socks! Sounded great but were AWFULLY painful. Revision 4: I "borrowed" (mutilated) a pair of my dad's dress socks by cutting off the feet sections and rolling them into donuts. Wrapped them around the trimmed bowls and it was complete. Comfortable, bassy, and still sizzlin', my SR-225i had begun to flex their DIY muscles.

120320_blog_seansabino_headbandStill, they weren't quite as comfy as I wanted, so I jumped back to the forums. Next up: Leather headband. I borrowed some soft, pliable lambskin leather and quickly traced out some headband pieces that I wrapped with the leather and super-glued together with some upholstery foam for cushioning. Only problem? I had put glue on the cushioning, so the headband looked a bit . . . odd.

Leather headband, revision 2: I grabbed the last of my lambskin leather and this time I didn?t put glue on the upholstery foam. Nice. But, man did those cups and pads look beefy by comparison!

Leather headband, revision 3: Time to put some meat on that headband! Grabbed some of the excess scraps and made small leather tabs to be sewn onto the ends of the headband. Done!

Ah, the turning point: The moment when you realize you're about to take apart your headphones to change out the plastic cups for wood cups. After asking what seemed like a thousand preparatory questions and receiving my Sapele cups from Head-Fi member Cabillas, I prepared to open my headphones. I wasn't too keen on the current popular methods of opening up Grados at the time, which included dipping headphones in hot water, so I decided to use low heat and tension to accomplish my goal as safely as possible. After using a little acetone (nail polish remover) to remove the headband assembly, I used my mother's hairdryer and some file clips to open up the cups. All of a sudden I was desoldering the wires and pressing the cups in. I'd managed to burn myself several times, but the transformation was nearly complete. Here's the video of me taking apart my cans.

Precious metals. The superior conductivity of silver. The final step to be sure I'd grabbed every last ounce of hi-fi I could find from my cans. Back in the SR-60 Mod thread I had made friends with a small and growing community of modders, and found among their ranks an enterprising cable guy with the head-fi username Chris_Himself. After weeks of discussion, we settled on a process and price for upgrading my cables. A few weeks passed, my babies travelled to and fro across the west coast and came home in their final form.

I listened to them for a week or so, and sent them off to Tyll for the gauntlet of tests to see if my mods had made a difference. After a couple of weeks of dread, an article popped up on Innerfidelity detailing his appreciation of my cans. Finally someone understood what I saw all those months back at the local hi-fi shop. My 225s were loved.

So now I'm here, having told you the story of how I came to fit that old epithet "audiophile," and I'm left contemplating ... reflecting on how that name is still so very appropriate. How music makes me hunger for sentiments beyond simple conversation. How it can be so thoroughly studied, but not quite fully understood. How those simple, sweeping melodies deserve only the best I can offer. In the end, it isn't about the precision, the extension, the lushness. All those fluff words. It's about the music. Voices saying more than words, instruments playing more than notes. So perhaps "starving student audiophile" isn't all that appropriate. After all, music comes first. It makes every DIY struggle, every cut, stich, and solder worth its weight in tonewood. It's about the music. Starving student MUSICophile. That's it. That's why we DIY.

Here's a YouTube of how I took apart my earcups for replacement.

Editor's Note: Thanks Sean! I enjoyed your DIY journey as much as I enjoyed your headphones. I think you ended up in exactly the right place. Enjoy the music!!!

My Pad Trimming and Sock-Modding Tutorial (11th post on the page).
Tyll's InnerFidelity post on my headphones.


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The impedance spike at around 80-100 Hz was reduced. Was it the re-cabling that did this?

BTW. Amazing job!

Tyll Hertsens's picture
It might be the the new acouosticsof the mods damping the primary resonance of the driver there.

Yes, a very nice job, indeed.

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I'm so honored to have been featured on your site :)


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Hey, Hertsy ... if you dig the sound o' socks, I've got a pair of SR-80s I modded with some of my dirty drawers. Man, do they sound interesting ... but they itch a bit, so I call 'em ... Crusty 80s ;)
If you feel another Grado review comin' on ... gimme a hollar!

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From what I can tell (using headroom/Tyll HP characterizations) the closest thing to your final mod in the Grado line is the PS-500 ($600 Street price), only your mod does things a bit better.

You can look at reviews about the PS-500 which sort of mirror what has been said about your mod. Additionally, your cans a likely more comfy that the PS-500.

The PS-500 apparently uses the same cushions as the SR225i, but likely not the same driver. If everything is kosher, your mod somehow got there!

If you are in college, I would NOT deviate my path. Personally, college was a period in my life that I'm very fond of. But I got to say you have a pair of very good ears, and talent to go along with them. And if I was a HP manufacturer I would be asking for contact info.

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Seriously good job, man!

Quick question though. Can you use the sock pad mod on other types of headphones as well? I want to make the pads on a pair of my AKGs more comfortable... how would you recommend me doing this to those?

Sean Sabino's picture

I only have experience with listening to the 272s/240s/ and 701/2s. I found them...Kinda cold sounding for my preference, but still great headphones.

Honestly, the pads seemed like velour to they're probably pretty hollowish on the inside...Maybe if you opened them up and stuffed them with a slightly more dense damping material it would prevent bass attenuation just a bit, but that's just a guess.


ultrabike's picture

Hi Kojaku,

Again, amazing job! Any reports on the effectiveness of your mod on the SR60i?

Sean Sabino's picture

From what we understand from Tyll's measurements, the SR-60i has the least bass leakage in the prestige series. The overshoot in the fine-structure at the beginning of the treble square wave is actually slightly smaller on the SR-60i. Now the highs are slightly more tizzy than sr-225i, but you may be able to get a more natural sounding treble than my 225i, just maybe not as crispy.


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I'm no Grado lover, but for some reason, I have just realized that I have HP-1s, SR-325i's and SR-80s in my collection. The sonics of Grado cans change (for the better) with EXTENSIVE (=> 1000 hrs) break-/burn-in time. Frankly, I don't like music or movies or documentaries or podcasts enough to warrant this much listening (with any cans or spkrs -- I don't care how good they sound). But that's what REPEAT TRACK is for!
Can someone comment on this issue -- your experience with Grado burn-in time? Compare/contrast with other cans if possible.

Sean Sabino's picture

In the well over 1000 hours I had these cans before hardcore modding began, I found that they had initially had really hot treble, what I called a sizzle. I did find that after a long while, they settled down just a tad. A lot of Grado guys recommend not making your first assessment of Grados your lasting impression since they do seemto have a lot more burn in than assembly-line cans do. Also, the slightly directional (what some might call punchy, depending on just how columnated the sound is) quality of the bass gave way to slightlyo more spacious sound, and I mean ever so slightly, even after awhile. My guess was the driver assembly taking a bit to loosen up after all the manufacturing processes...


Jazz Casual's picture

I have a few Grado cans and haven't detected any audible change in their sound with use over time. That applies to my other phones as well.

Which reminds me Tyll, that set of Grado measurements isn't quite complete without the PS1000 and GS1000i. ; )

Tyll Hertsens's picture
On my list of things to pick up today at HeadRoom. :)
Jazz Casual's picture

You've made a curmudgeon happy - momentarily. ; )

ultrabike's picture

You most likely have already seen these, but just in case:

If you have a pair, you may want to Kojaku them.

Another interesting option is Alessandro Music One:

A bit less tremble happy from their measurements


Sean Sabino's picture

Yeah, that's why I said ever so slightly. I feel like if it isn't something audible, which it may not be, it might just be your ear adjusting, plus placebo.


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After reading quite a few forum posts at Head-Fi and this article as well, finally decided to cut out a pair of my old socks, first trying it out on my SHURE SRH440, not sure if it's the power of suggestion or the socks really helped with the bass, but one thing is for sure, it's much more comfortable.
Why after all this while have I not tried cutting out my own socks or buy a cheap pair? Socks are rare commodities in my wardrobe and I always forget to pick up a cheap pair of socks while in town.

Sean Sabino's picture

Doesn't the SRH-440 have pleather pads? How did you wrap around those?


KeithG's picture

It's pretty funny and simple.
I followed this one here.
Instead of using cardboard cut outs I used some extra wires that I use to make RCA cables.

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Tyll is mostly correct in that the Grado sound largely "sucks". PRaT is their ONLY saving grace -- they do this better than any other cans I know -- maybe even better than 'stats.
Stock version comfort factor (especially w/o comfy foam 414 pads) sucks BIG time -- and they are butt ugly and look more antiquated than even the 40's-era beyer DT48.

Sean Sabino's picture

It's definitely not the "hi-fi"est sound ever. Just fun, and when properly tamed and modded for comfort, a lot less fatiguing :)


ultrabike's picture

I'm with you and Tyll in terms of tremble happy cans. I value whatever is left of my ears virginity, and there are some cans out there that are looking at my ears and wallet kind a funny.

Senn is very well known for easy sounding cans that will still give you the soundstage, the all important and firm bottom, and some some level of detail w/o destroying your hearing... But lately Senn has become wallet happy. Man, I was going to settle for a lowly HD518... and? Well they are now scarce and $179 is what they are asking! I mean the HD518 is supposed to be Headroom's < $150 bargain, and occasionally they are $129... Like Tyll says, worthy Senn is sailing with the wind in its favor. And lets be honest, the HD5xx and HD6xx have some pretty weird impedance hikes and "benefit" from an amp...

Looking at options desperately I came about the ATH-AD900 $200... well the word is that the driver touches your ear, have a small arse.. I mean bottom, and seem to be a tad bright. OK, lets take a look at the DT-990 Pro (250 ohm) $172 ( somewhere :) ), the meaty bottom is there, but it is brighter, and a bit uncomfortable unless you abuse the headband... OK Grado what gives... For $80 you get an SR60i which may sound a bit better than the HD5xx line AFTER this mode and a fair bit easier to drive... Therefore my personal interest on this REMARKABLE mod... Yes, with out the mod, Grados are sometimes described as screaming banshees... and not good looking ones either.

I mean I'm waiting on Senn to put their prices down, but hell does seem to be freezing at this point in time...

Given the market flying at Monster heights, I'm considering this mod with an SR60i, unless you take pity on me and recommend something that can deliver the goods (easy on the amp, audiophilistic sound, easy on my hearing, and easy on my wallet).

13mh13's picture

Tried it on both 325i's and 80's ... I had a REALLY hard time positioning the sox w/ or w/o the cushion mod. Ultimately, I could not get the orig Grado "L cushions" to work (fit, stay on, WTF!) -- per Kojack's instr. -- and I only had one pair on hand as the cushion foam dry-rots after a few years (so no big loss as I up for a new couple of pair, anyway).

IAC ...

With just the sock: much more comfortable ... really like the "ear feel". And the sox do get rid of the sonic edginess/hardness, but WAY TOO MUCH. IOW, way too soft now and BASS-HEAVY; and image focus is gone -- just a big blob of mushy sound...worst of all, perhaps, the PRaT is reduced.

Hmmm ... I used to have some 414 pads, so maybe I'll get some more of those again. TTVJ also has after-mkt cushions, I think, but they are $$.

Sean Sabino's picture

I used really soft cotton dress socks with my mod and I rolled 'em so they were will pretty flexible afterward...perhaps your sock was a bit thicker? Either way, it should be pretty simple...I'd like to see a pic or soemeyhing so maybe I could help. And the idea of keeping the trimmed bowls in the middle was for two main things:

1. Give the rolled sock something to wrap around that has structure.
2. Retain some of the image and PRaT.

And yeah TTVJ has flats that people seem to like, but I found them a bit dark sounding and still a bit uncomfortable...


13mh13's picture

Not quite ...

Seriously, cotton black dress, like yours. Maybe the Peppers' are better?

13mh13's picture

On the topic of pads, I assume you are using "L cushions" (that's what Grado call 'em).

Got mine a few years ago ... not sure whether or not their dimensions have changed. But ... as I said, I could NOT get the cushion (pads) to work.

On that note ... can you post more DETAILED pics of the pads AFTER you cut 'em up? (Couldn't tell much from your H-F post).
You can post the pics in-line if you use the HTML IMG tag:

ultrabike's picture

To help complement the guide and the pictures, some simple drawings with measurements of the L-cushions before and after being moded might be helpful... The drawing should include the inner and outter radius of the final pad, as well as the height.

Also, how to secure the rolled socks to the cup or so... maybe augmenting the mod by adding velcro stuff around the pad or so might help as well... The driver cup is secured to the band by some screws or like... Maybe the sock can be attached by removing the cup and passing the socks through these screews...

Not all socks are the same ... Maybe you could recommend a common brand and size to get an idea of what to get... Sock dimmensions before and after rolling might seem redundant, but it may help double check that things were done right...

Anyhow... I think you are going to give Alessandro a heart attack :)

ultrabike's picture

Alright guys, hell froze... I was going to wait on Senn prices to drop, or may be try this mod on a not-yet-purchased SR60i, but my nature got the best of me :(

Me: Forgive me father for I have sinned.
Father: Go on my son.
Me: I... I... I cheated father.
Father: ... Go on my son.
Me: I have been married to my Sennheisers for over 3 years now... and ...
Father: Yes my son, go on.
Me: I saw this beautiful banshee, and she was calling ... she calling my name father.
Father: I see my son.
Me: I made a mistake, I strayed from my path and looked... she had sub-woofer like behind, incredible soundstage, and she was fun... I ... I.
Father: Yes my son.
Me: I ... she was a Beyerdynamics DT990 Pro 250 ohms...
Father: Indeed you have strayed from your path my son... And now you must pay the consequences...
Me: Yes father, I did... $172 to B&H Photo and Video no Shipping...

A loud cracking bang is heard as if someone had just slammed a door with herculean force...

Me: Father... Father?... Father!?


I'm now stuck with my sin ... Senn made me do it.

Sean Sabino's picture

I'll head back to the original post, take some new pics and measurements, and have an updated guide ready by the end of this weekend :)


ultrabike's picture

Hi Tyll,

Did you included Kojaku's measurements under your "Headphone Data Sheet Downloads" ?

Tyll Hertsens's picture
No, I totally spaced out the all the DIY measurements last month. I'll get them up, but I'm in the midst of something at the moment, and also measuring a bunch of other DIY cans, so next time I update they'll all go in. It's in the allgraphs pdf though.
13mh13's picture

If changstar's graphs are accurate, the dude is indeed a game changer. POTENTIALLY impressive stuff (IF it's accurate):,156.0.html

ultrabike's picture

I don't know but I've seen Purrin's work... Specially when I was looking at the ESP-950 (would have bought those, but wiffy slammed me with budget reduction laws).

He seems pretty sharp.

Purrin seems to live in Irvine, CA, and so do I :)

You've got to love the dude's Head-Fi profile:
"What do I do for a living: Ethically hacking into YOUR bank."
"Headphone Inventory: Dr. Dre Beats Studio"

Guess what dude, my wife is immune to headphone gear "bank hacks".

13mh13's picture

Thanks for digging up that info…

That H-F Profile is strange … with all the cans this guy has apparently tested, are we to believe that his Inventory consists only of Beats and a $20 CMoy? Maybe he’s being comical … but, then, how seriously should we take his graphology?
I think one needs to remain skeptical of any Johnny-come-lately headphone measurer. And there seem to be quite a few new ones lately. Some are on head-fi, others also have their own sites (Arnaud, NWAvGuy, Changstar/Purrin, Sonove, et. al.) While I’m not suggesting their motives are questionable, their methods and conclusions may be compromised.

Several reasons to be skeptical:

1. Headphone measurement requires methodology, technical skill, and extensive experience. The equipment (e.g. certified IEC dummy heads, etc.) is also $$. Where are all these DIYers getting equipment and skills and funding? (Tyll in articles and videos on IF demonstrates how time/labor-intensive headphone metrics can be. Getting a seal, taking multiple, statistically-significant measurements, crawling in/out of a purpose-built box, etc.) Maybe these Newbies are univ. students and they are using academic lab equipment and funding? Maybe, they are “in the industry” and are using their company’s lab after hours. You noted Irvine…there are quite a few technical/hi-fi related companies in the Orange County area (Ultimate Ears, etc.)

Maybe just as important … WHY are individuals pursing these *independent* projects? Competition can be good -- or counterproductive. Too many individual projects pursuing the same thing seems a bit un-resourceful. Analogy: would the world be better off using one computer OS so that we can devote programmer resources to other more-critical goals? Maybe these newcomers need to do a bit of self-reflection … are they truly advancing the state-of-the-art/science of headphone and related gear? The Internet is, for multiple important reasons, distracting … so MULTIPLE headphone graphs sites may be a waste of resources and counter-productive.

2. Full disclosure and your CV/Resume as well as your test equipment on display (web sites and blogs work!) go a LONG way to establishing credibility. Tyll has done this on this IF. Mission Statements help, too. Amazon uses Real Name label to give some credibility to more-serious Reviewers. This an important label in separating the wheat from the chaff.

ultrabike's picture

Don't worry dude. Most of these guys kinda agree with each other (Tyll even wrote on some of Purrin's threads praising his work) :) believe me... Purrin is being comical for sure... Nwavguy was featured here as well:

If Purrin all of the sudden starts raving about how good Dr. Dre cans sound, about how crazy a bargain you will get if you buy Bose, and if he starts saying that Apple buds will make your Grados sound like crap, he will be stoned on the back of a dark alley by the headphone geek mob.

We'll see what comes out of it... For know I'm personally enjoying the ride...

13mh13's picture

Not long after the Net was becoming ubiquitous, many "visionaries" saw the market potential in free (user-generated) content. Yahoo gave away "free" forum space (Yahoo Groups), Amazon allowed non-customers to Review, and Tripod, etc. gave away "free" web-space. Google's Blogger/Blogspot still does this. They put ads or sell books "around" our content (like Sterephile does with IF -- and our inline comments) -- or collect email addys and send out soliciting market spam. None of this is new, of course. But we all need to reminded of it -- and often.

So what's my point and what does it have to do with NWAVGuy, etc.? I just 'splained it. Things are not quite so cut n' dry. But there are no absolute PURIST intentions.

"Vested interest" by any other name ... and it's not always in plain site ...

NikonGod over at H-F said this in the Objective2 thread, said:

Originally Posted by Achmedisdead
So where is this "vested interest" ?

It is the nature of all people to promote what they are passionate about. The fact that someone does not profit financially from something does not mean that he does not profit in other ways.

Many articles have been written promoting open source (software generally, but it extends equally well to other things) clearly illustrating that you cant pay someone enough to do quality work, but they will do quality work basically for free if they get some personal/emotional reward for it. Its interesting that people often do BETTER work without monetary compensation then they do at their "real" jobs. Anyways, this reward is why people do this, and open source designers often have a stronger interest in their designs then people who are only in it for the money.

Sorry folks ...

My armchair philosophy I'm sure pisses off many of you reading this -- and that very fact delights me in an evil/maniacal way ;)

You know, don't ya? You DEEP DOWN know my spiel is mostly ...

+ true
- and that you may hate me cause you didn't think of it yourselves -- or if did, you were too lazy (or non-balzy) to talk about it openly
+ empirically/logically right BUT politically/socially wrong

Theres the famous cliche:


ultrabike's picture

Well, most media venues make most of their profit from adds... newspapers, TV news, magazines, radio shows, you name it... In that sense I think you, unlucky numbered one, are right on the money.

Man you should see Ken Rockwell's site (he does HP, but mostly cameras... he is a bit of a controversial dude...). That guy cracks me up big time though... The first thing you see when you open his page is him taking a picture... You see the lens on that camera and it clearly states "Look! mine is so much bigger than yours!". And all over the articles he implores visitors to click on the adds... "Help me help you"... What a hell, I'll click, and help the dude make his millions... Hell, I think even Tyll says that if you click on his adds, they get something out of it.

That does not mean that all of what they write is boloney... But yes, there are interests, biases, you name it... But then again, what ya think of Time, Popular Mechanics, and Vogue magazines?

That reminds me, if ever my significant other brings up headphones, speakers, amps, or the such and calls them a ridiculous interest... What about those Gucci hand bags Hon!?

13mh13's picture

I think we -- the head-gear hobbyist community -- are better with all these folks with all these sites and opinions ... than w/o them. That said ... this doesn't mean they get a free ride. They have to know that some of us do think about these nuances. Maybe anal, but there needs to be criticism, even micro-criticism.
Lotsa capable techie folks out there w/important opinions and ideas -- properly regulated and watch-dogged and criticized (as needed!) and "peer-reviewed" -- can produce wholly better + scientific results.

As far as ads ... most browsers have plug-ins to filter them out. It ain't hard to use and update them.

ultrabike's picture

BTW dude if you are looking for another source of headphone info, you may want to check:


They seem reasonable and may provide you with a second opinion :)

13mh13's picture
purrin's picture

For clarification: My current setup is in my HF signature. The gear I listed in my equipment list is the other stuff I currently own that's not listed in my sig. I decided to pare down my equipment list for a couple of reasons:

1)I felt no need to "e-peen" by listing everything I've ever heard, owned, currently own, will own, etc. Ultimately it really doesn't matter because some of my most fond memories of listening to music have been in my car with a crappy stock radio.

2)I actually own the Beats and used them regularly while on travel - in plane, trains, and automobiles. This has recently changed because I got the UERMs a few weeks ago.

3)I do own a CMOY. The CHA47 variant is still one of my favorites, and with some good op-amps and a strong battery, I see no need for $400 commercial variants.

4)I intentionally listed the CMOY and Beats to point how snobby people can be. Seems to have worked :-)

As far as my measurements, people send me their headphones. That is why I don't have a big gear list. I dislike most headphones anyways, and I'm not a collector.

As far as my equipment and measurement techniques, I haven't had time to properly document them. I will do so eventually. The CSDs I generate are based on custom code. I wrote the program because CLIO (my measurement system) couldn't give me what I wanted. And yes, I am an ethical hacker in RL. My background and education is in computer and software engineering.

But honestly I hate to get into this stuff because "qualifications" don't mean much if you don't have good ears. One only needs to take a listen to some Grammy winning records. Qualifications can easily be marketed in today's consumerist society. Finally it seems that every other person and his sister in this hobby is a recording engineer, musician, engineer, etc. So what's the point really?

My credibility lies with my results, and whether those results correlate with what people hear. Nothing more.

P.S. As for my motivations: I am pretty much crazy - that is very unconventional in outlook and view - many westerners, especially those who have taken a cynical view of existence, would never understand.

ultrabike's picture

I'm mostly a westerner, maybe a bit more centerner, but I could pass for an easterner... but if you call me a northerner, things can really go southerner... I really don't know what having a cynical view of existence means, but I guess I understand you...

Dude, you rock... My qualifications? Well I have an MSEE, but really have worked mostly on Digi-Comm and the DSP side of things... maybe a bit of FW here and there.

My gear? Sure dude, I don't have a single headphone amp. Not even an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or iPants... I don't know, if my grandma was alive, and I asked her if she wanted an I-TOUCH, she probably would have slapped me in the face and tell me to keep my hands to myself... but I've got my Sansa Zip! Currently the only audiophile grade HP I have are my Audeo cute-tips which I kind a like (just learned that Comply tips help mitigating that huge 10 KHz mountain that was making my ears sort of misserable... at the expense of bass flatness... "No such thing as a free lunch")... But I just ordered my Beyerdynamics DT990 PRO and I hope to get the "O MiE GaWd!" experience ("RTiKiCE" TM)... I also have the KSC75s for running. A pair of HD202 (for wiffy and me) that I used along with my Yamaha receiver to listen to movies and tunes out of my Dell, other than that a Philips headband ($5), bunch of earbuds from the airlines, and an ipod nano I won at a raffle (the nano doesn't count 'cause it broke)...

I really got interested on the ESP-950 though... ~$650 gets you an electrostat + monster amp (Steve Guttenberg keeps saying his Maggies are better than my Mirage Nanosats, and that makes me feel blue)... But wiffy doesn't get it :(

Any how, great work dude :)

purrin's picture


My first love is speakers anyways. I only got into headphones because of my kids. They like to destroy my speaker projects. The boy likes to poke expensive tweeters. My daughter took a crayon and drew all over these expensive magnesium woofers. So I've packed up all my speaker stuff. For now.

ultrabike's picture

Dude I know exactly what you mean. I have a 4 year old boy, and an 18 month old girl and I cannot picture my girl close to a tube mono-block with enough juice to power an full size electrostat (itself a kid size Flowtron)

Furthermore, wiffy doesn't get it... You don't know how much sweet talking it took to get those DT990 Pros at bargain prices after I got my Audeos... I got lectured.

The nanosats so far survived my boy... Since they have a huge sweet spot I was able to place them way outside his mighty reach. And since they are small wiffy is OK with them...

ANY ambitions at getting audiophile grade stuff has been reduced to headphones here as well.

ultrabike's picture

BTW dude you said CLIO like these ones?:

Dude that's not cheap...

And those UERMs are some serious gear for a Grover Cleveland:

For your measurements you probably still need a dummy head... I don't, I already have one.

purrin's picture

Nope CLIO is not cheap. Tyll sent me a dummy ear. I do use it on occasion. UERMs are my reference to keep me honest, although I need to get my custom super neutral +/- 0.5db near field monitors back up and running.

Sean Sabino's picture

Didnt get time to augment the Pad Tutorial this weekend. Packing for my vacation to NYC...I'm actually gonna go visit the Grado factory with my cans...hehe.


ultrabike's picture

Told ya :)

4ND3R5's picture

Completely OT, but where can I get myself one of those Bender heads? :D