T.H.E. Show Newport 2014: HeadAmp Takes it Up a Notch with the GS-X Mk2

There's really only one thing wrong with the HeadAmp GS-X Mk2...you have to wait 6-8 months for one. Why? Because they're a spectacular amp both sonically and in build quality. Justin Wilson, CEO of HeadAmp, is a perfectionist and all his products radiate quality like very few others—the deep glossy finish of all HeadAmp products is stunning. Beauty is way more then skin-deep with HeadAmp though, I've had the distinct pleasure of reviewing the Blue Hawaii electrostatic headphone amp and it's sounded spectacular, and I've long used and recommended the HeadAmp Pico DAC/Amp for general computer and portable listening. I'm really stoked to see that HeadAmp has refreshed the GS-X with a Mk2 version. This is a top-of-the-line balanced headphone amp that will no doubt give my AURALiC Taurus Mk2 a run for its money...if I can get my hands on one. Hen's teeth tend to go to paying customers.

Justin was unable to make it out to Newport this year and had long-time headphone enthusiast Peter James man the booth. Having a headphone hobbyist man the booth is relatively common in the headphone world—some of these guys are extraordinarily well qualified for such duties. Peter certainly falls into that category, but more importantly he falls into the "all-around-good-dude" category and it was a pleasure getting to spend a bit of time with him this year. I'll mention he's also an extraordinarily good nature photographer, you can check out his work here. Peter details the GS-X Mk2 in the video.

eggil's picture

The best outfit to buy stuff from.
The best looking and sounding amps.

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Peter James is a good guy. I was at their booth just chillin' for around 90 mins. Great products, great conversations on music and gear.

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That is a stunning piece of kit, but paying almost three grand for an amp to drive headphones strikes me as overkill.

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Only if you use iBuds or Beats.......

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Silly man.