Headphone News This Week? Meh...not so much, just a little fun.

Currently in the midst of a review, but needed to find a little something to post so I cruised over to my headphone news feed for a look-see. Kind of a boring week in headphone news, but one fun post came up so I said, "Meh, why not do a little news?"

DTS announced Headphone:X will be shipped within the new ASUS ZenFone 3 Ultra and ZenPad Z8 (which will be available exclusively through Verizon). Normally I wouldn't even mention this PR blurb, but it's been a while since I had a listen to Headphone:X, so I got curious. Last time I heard it I thought it was okay, but not ready for prime time IMO. It's a damned tricky thing to try to get a sense of artificial space on headphones. So, I went over to the DTS Headphone:X page, plugged in my headphones, and had fresh a listen to their latest demo. By golly, it's not bad! The announcements from each speaker in the beginning is quite interesting. The sound never got outside my head, but it sure as heck moved around in a way that doesn't happen with normal headphones. The rest of the demo is a bit dumb for testing surround performance, but the music sure did swirl al over the place in my head. Treble is a bit artificial, but much better than I expected...or experienced from Headphone:X in the past. Sure might satisfy a lot of ordinary consumers. Anyway, thought it was a fun demo.

Apple appears to be working on a wireless version of their EarPods, which will evidently be called AirPods. The weird thing is they've filed for trademark through a shell company called Entertainment in Flight. Apple...why you be so weird?

Lastly, and the sole reason I even bothered with a news post, is Gizmodo just published an article named, "The 10 Ugliest Headphones Ever Made." Usually these kinds of posts make me cringe at their uselessness and far-off-base nature, but this time I think they did a pretty good job. You guys have any other suggestions of what should have been on their list?

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HAHAHA! That was really good for a laugh. I see there is an add for Abyss headphones on this page... I am sure they sound wonderful - maybe when I sell of my AMC Pacer, I'll buy a pair.

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Tyll, have you ever heard Jan Meier's crossfeed?
He builds it into his Corda amps and licenses it to other amps, like the Grace. I have a Corda Jazz, which is a great little amp. His crossfeed works better with some recordings than others, but overall is the most natural sounding I've heard. Crossfeed for headphones can never be perfect but Jan's doesn't mutilate the music like others I've heard.

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I don't think the K1000 is particularly ugly. And the author displays some ignorance about them.


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I'll agree with you on that one, the K1000 is utilitarian, but apropos.
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I must be outa touch, those 1000s look attractive to me.

Am I wrong?

As far as the Jacklin Floats, they seem to resemble my old neighbor lady's hair-do, ( mighta been a wig ), looks dreadful to me. The Floats were around when I was selling and importing Audio gear, I sold the Stax stuff, never considered stocking those Floats.

Tony in Michigan

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Ugliest headphones

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This made me take a moment to stop a appreciate the aesthetics of my M100s.

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I think V-moda's designs can be somewhat divisive, I wasn't crazy about their style at first but I've grown on me... And the build quality on the whole line more than makes up for it.

M-80 & XS owner here, I actually liked the color accents on the former (and their other older models) better but the leather top on the XS gets less dirty, and Cliqfold made them my ideal portables.

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Hi Tyll!

I was wondering if you were planning to write a review for the Audio-Technica ATH-R70x. You seemed to show some interest in them in your April(?) update. I see the measurements were posted up (not sure if AT sent you another pair to measure) but wasn't sure if anything else would be added.

Thanks for the hard work!

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Darren Orf doesn't know, can't imagine, how to wear the K1000? Let alone never had the pleasure to hear it. Certainly burned any credibility I may have given him when I started reading.

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