Headphones for Horses!

You never know what kind of rabbit hole you might fall into on a scrounge through the news feeds. Turns out, according to research from the University of Caen and the University of Strasbourg, both in France, that you can reduce stress in horses during trailering and farrier work (horse shoeing) by letting them hear music. Tests were conducted with 48 horses at various time using horse headphones, ear plugs, and with no apparatus as a control. Stress was monitored in various ways including heart rate. Results showed reduced stress and better recovery from stress was achieved with the use of horse headphones and music.

Wait...what...there's such a thing as horse headphones!


Yup. French firm Horsecom not only makes a Bluetooth headphone for a horse, but they also make a wireless headset for the rider that allows clear voice communication with the horse or another trainer on the ground, and allows the rider to answer a cell phone. Who'd have thunk it? Makes sense I suppose, horses move around a lot, so just like with you and me, a nice set of portable headphones is a good way to go.

Review sample not requested.

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What kinda music are hoses into? Country?

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Norwegian Death Metal.
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No kidding, if you read the research link above, it turns out they picked classical and country as the genres. I'm not going any further down this rabbit hole, but they're working on it.
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Do you have a horse dummy head to test these headphones? How big is the ear drum?

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Pretty funny fellas....Although I have never heard Norwegian Death Metal...;-). I can't believe that Tyll did not ask for a review pair? Can't wait to read what Tony in Michigan has to say about this...

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Looks like a nice wide soundstage..

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want to know which music the horse likes.

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Are these Focal cans?

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for bicycling and on the kayak.

Might even hook em up to the Fish Finder to get a vector to that fish as it moves around.

Even has a Star Treky kinda look we all like ( Spock, wasn't it ).

Of course it'd have to be French, who else could think-up this kinda stuff.

This could open up a whole new Distribution Channel: Saddle & Tack Shops.

Horse people got mucho dinero to squander, why not on headphones?

Nice catch!

Tony in Michigan

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Interesting concept..we're all the same..always (steeple)chasing the next good set of cans. We can use science or some kind of gallup poll to measure them. Or we can saddle down and do some audio testing on our own. The maine thing we are looking for is good quality sound. We can assign a simple rating for tested cans..Yea or Neigh! Theres just so many (e)questrians and not enough answers. Lets just hope the cans we pick WIN when we listen to them at our PLACE or watch a nice SHOW. We just want a perfecta pair..or if we have three..a trifecta.

Peace .n. Puns


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Whinny ! :-)

We'll have to remember not to stand behind the horse if a song comes on that the horse doesn't like !

Guessing a likable thumbs up song gets a whinny, neigh, bray and a front hoof stomp once for well liked & twice for incredible.

Guessing if not liking the song it results in a snort, squeal or nicker and of course the ill-fated rear leg kick ala Bruce Lee.

Can the horse keep time with the music and pound out the "beat" with either front hoof ?

A very talented horse might be able to hear the L-R stereo and pound his L-R front hoof as the music pans L & R; that horse is more inclined to the pro-audio gamet rather than audiophile.

Better yet, when the 1812 Overture plays, the cannon shots will make the horse raise both front legs & throw the rider off his back !

Just as long as no one plays music so badly unlikable to the poor horse, as it might go right thru & out the other end like a bad burrito !

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I 've been reading a lot of cool stuffs from you today. Seriously? headphone for horses? That is amazing. Where can I buy one? Do they have it in Amazon? I ' m checking http://wirelessheadphones.com, but there's none for horses. Please help! Thank you in advance.