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Hearing loss

This is bound to be controversial, so please consider each detail before judgement. My hearing at 63 is about the same as 37 years ago when I got my first good headphones, and still can hear 16 khz clearly as a proper tone. It's my observation based on this and other factors, that hearing, vision and other things don't deteriorate with age per se, only with general health. Most people in their 60's are on multiple meds which accelerate the losses, and being drug free I was able to avoid that. I've been curious how many of the older staff at (for example) Stereophile are able to review high fidelity components when they are also very old, and it would seem that they have a secret as well. Bottom line: Take good care of your health, run fast, and you'll be able to enjoy hi-fi into your old age.

BTW, the myths extend to vision as well, but the only thing that will change with good health is the thickening of the lens, meaning you need brighter light to stop down the pupil to see up close. Other than that, any correction with glasses etc. should not change over a long period of time.

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Would also like to add, keep

Would also like to add, keep the volume level low on headphones. This will definitely help the ears.

Ace Mineral
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Hearing Loss

I like listening to my headphones, but the hearing in my left ear has faded over the past couple of years.  A lot of it is just gone.  How do I make up for such lopsided hearing?

Tyll Hertsens
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Amazingly your brain will

Amazingly your brain will make up for a lot of it. After severe hearing loss in one ear, studies show that nearly as accurate localization returns within about 3 weeks.  The brain just figures stuff out .... amazingly!


Despite Dalethorn's great hearing his advice is far different than mine. 

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It's surprising how resilient

It's surprising how resilient the human body can be, that is if you take good care of yours. Ever since I started wearing spectatcles, although rarely and only when needed, my eye sight did not deteriorate at all, even spending more than 10 hours in front of a PC monitor for the past 5 years or so. Even my optometrist was surprised.

Hearing? Still got it, I forgot to what frequency and decibel level but it was better than most.

I'm still young and still studying but I need to do these health tests every year for various reasons, getting to keep track of my health is certainly interesting and fun.

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I always try to keep the

I always try to keep the volume down on my Headphones to prevent hearing loss.

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Live fast die young leave a nice corpse

Honestly - who wants to live forever? And who wants to be forever young?

If you want it, - by all means, be my guest!

I rather crank it up when I feel like it, - be it speakers or cans.

However, if you do not like my principles, I have others - to be honest, I do not feel like cranking 'em up every odd day.

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"However, if you do not like

"Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others"

-Groucho Marx

Amen buddy, amen.

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my hearing at 50 is down 3.5

my hearing at 50 is down 3.5 db on the right ear and 4.7db on the left in the area of 4000 hz..The rest of the frequency's are fine.

I was told by the specialist that my brain compensates and that 3-5 db is nothing to worry about.

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I do get an annoying tinitus

I do get an annoying tinitus in my right ear from time to time, too long spent at noisy gigs, next to the bass bins.

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Exercise and hearing loss

Since the OP talked about being healthy to begin with, I would like to point out a very important detail. I see a lot of people using headphones while running and this is very damaging to your hearing. Exercise reduces bloodflow to your ears and listening to music (mostly too high to suppress ambient running sounds) can be ver damaging. 

At the same time good cardiovascular health is also important to keep our ears healthy.

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well, after reading this

well, after reading this article I started wondering whether for the half of my life I've been damaging my hearing. though according to continuous use of ears picks can also be a cause of hearing loss. well the more i read, the more i start to wonder how safe is this world and whether our inventions make our life easier or in fact harder??

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