Hello Southern California!!! T.H.E. Show Newport in Two Weeks!!!

Woot! Almost time to head off to sunny Southern California for T.H.E. Show Newport, a Richard Beers and Bob Levi (AKA The Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society) audio show/shindig likely made all the better this year in its new digs at The Hotel Irvine, just a hop-skip from John Wayne Orange County Airport.

Lots of cool stuff will be showing up there. Astel & Kern has a new $3499 portable player the AK380. Sennheiser's new HD 630VB variable bass headphone will be making its USA premier. Heck, Panasonic sent me a tantalizing little email wanting to be sure I'd be there and to invite me to check them out. Wonder what's up their sleeve?

The side shows are always great at this show: cool food trucks; killer hot rod and supercar show; wine and cigars; and great music. I'll also be doing my "Interpreting Headphone Measurements" seminar again. Hopefully I'll get through the material a bit quicker and cover a bit more.

The show is $15/day, $40/three days, but if you join the LA/OC Audio Society you can get in free. It's well worth it, their monthly events are a treat. Maybe the most active and vibrant audiophile club in America; if you live in SoCal this society might be a real treat for you.

You know the deal, see the guy in the Hawaiian shirt, come tap me on the shoulder and say howdy!

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want what you got:

Insightful views into their products for the English Speaking World, accompanied with "plain" vanilla Mid-western English supported with the personal touch videos and honest opinions.

Who wouldn't want that?


Your nimbly handling of nuanced details is right down the center of the Japanese sensibilities path. Get your stuff out there with a Japanese "voice over" and you'll double your business, JA should love that, a win-win-win.

I recommend you suggest to Beers & Levy to have an "Inner-Fidelty" seminar Panel consisting of Tyll, Joker, Grandberg, Steve G. & Bob Katz himself. ( Mr.Bob will be certain to have good production values and may end up with a nice sideline of doing Show Production work ).

Get yourself a little Panasonic Pin to wear, they'll love you for that alone. Have a look at their entire product lines and hold their business card in your hand the whole time you're with them ( pocket-it after you leave ). These people go back decades, they are not new, try to keep that in mind.

Contact the Panasonic USA guy, he'll get you a little pin or something appropriate.

Panasonic is the Big Show people, take good care of them and be respectful, they have a nice slice of the Global marketplace.

Phew, you're getting lucky.

Tony in Michigan

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Wish I could go. Looks like lots of good entertainment, and good looking entertainment! Should be some great sounding tunes there. Have fun!