Here we go! T.H.E. Show Newport 2014!

I love this show! It's just cool. Lots of headphones in the Headphonium, cool cars, live music almost non-stop, and headphone geeks...lots and lots of my good old buddy headphone geeks.

I like to walk around on the first day to get the lay of the land, checking out what's new, and who's made it to Newport. It's also a good day to stick my camera in front of my eyes and push the button when something interesting shows up.

I though you might get a kick out of the images that flashed before my eyes today.



Registration at trade shows can be a bit of a terror, but things run smooth at T.H.E. Show.


Waterfall glass in back of the lobby looked interesting.

The Headphonium

First stop, The Headphonium. An area dedicated to personal audio produced by Mike Mercer and the Audio360 guys. Sorta my home base for the weekend.


Lots of headphone listening, of course.


Frank Iacone checks out the Cavalli Liquid Glass.


More listening, this time an enthusiastic listener to the new HiFiMAN HE560.


King Sound's new electrostatic cans are looking pretty good and sounding better than ever.


I think these are the new Paradox headphones...I think. Gotta check them out tomorrow.


Mike Moffat sporting Sennheiser Amperiors and listening to his good Schiit.


Dan at Mr. Speakers is kitted up with the Woo Audio WA7 Firefly and its new matching power supply to drive his Alpha Dog headphones.


Pendulumic!? Who's that? And that's why I gotta come to these shows. I'll be checking these out tomorrow.


More listening. Pairing up some Grados with the Schiit Vahalla 2.


Someone's digging the Sony PHA-2 portable headphone amp and MDR-1R.


Oooooooooo! Buttons and knobs. The new Phonitor looks really sweet.


Todd from MA Recordings is hanging out in the Headphonium. His recording do sound great on headphones.


Checked out Astell&Kern's new players. I love the user interface on the AK240, the new players use the same UI. Yay!!!

The Cars
Can't remember whether it's 3 or 4 years I've been going to this show, but the cars have gotten better every year. This year was no exception, the cars rocked.






The Environs

The music was really good to, and lots of it. As I type this post I can hear outside my balcony another band starting to play poolside.


Speaking of poolside, this, as a backdrop to an audio show, is just plain refreshing.


Seems like everyone is having fun.


And speaking of drinks and having fun, this is Lucette "The Grease" Nicoll. She makes sure things at the show keep moving along freely. One of her many responsibilities are the free drink tickets for V.I.P.s. Lucette has vast experience with proper press lubrication.


Shazzam! The magician behing T.H.E. Show Newport is Richard Beers...well, Bob Levi too. Thanks guys, top-notch just got topped. I love this show.

mikemercer's picture

SO happy to be here w/ you brotha..
But 8:30 for breakfast tomorrow????

just FUN

and thanks for your support of the panel,
and more importantly your straight-up contribution.


Seth195208's picture

If the Oppo Pm1's are available at the show for a listen?

mithrandir39's picture

T.h.e. Show was awesome! It was great being able to audition world-class rigs, and to decide what was a great value, and what was nonsense for the money (looking at you Cavalli; sonically in the same class as audeze and hifiman for 400% more).
The hifiman he-560's sound great, but the current version looks like a victim of bad 70's faux-wood wallpaper. Loved listening to the Alpha Dogs, Schiit Ragnarock, Stax, and Kingsound 'stats.
Nice to briefly meet you, Tyll!

mikemercer's picture

YES - the Oppo PM1s were there! We had ours - and they were at our Headphonium too!
we had a BLAST Tyll - and you're the MAN

and its about community-
and this weekend was like headphone Summer Camp!

Frank I's picture

Tyll thanks for participating in my two panels. I had a blast hanging with you at the show this year and look forward to hanging with you again in Denver.

ManiaC's picture

HE-560 vs fazored LCD 2

mikemercer's picture

I'm not a huge fan of HiFiMAN cans - but I really dug the HE-560!
Warm, open, dynamic, great dimensionality, dynamic impact..
My fave of theirs!

I just love the Audeze LCD-2 w/ Fazor!
and I used to love my LCD-3 more than anything,
except their LCD-X and XC

but, now...
I can't put the LCD-2 w/ Fazor down!
It's emotionally engaging, has a ton of air and macro and micro-dynamic detail retrieval,
and wonderful new wide soundstage thanks to Fazor technology!

I just get LOST in the music w/ the LCD-2 w/ Fazor and my Cavalli Audio Liquid Gold!!!!
Sounds like being back at Harry Pearson's house in Rm2 (my favorite room, smaller, but great acoustically)

ManiaC's picture

I agree with what you said, but I'll wait for Tyll's review of HE-560 & HE-400i. What can you say about HE-560's comfort??

mithrandir39's picture

The 560's are very light and comfortable. I have to say though, with the price being what it is, they seem really cheap looking and feeling for a $899 MSRP.