High End Munich with Herb Reichert

If you read Stereophile then you’re probably familiar with hi-fi cognoscente Herb Reichert and his always unique take on what’s going down in the audio world. Reichert has been around the block, a New Yorker by nature, he’s probably been around most blocks, and the High End Show in Munich is familiar ground for the music show veteran.

Reichert is as comfortable around two channel systems as he is around headphones and personal audio, so I’m honored to have him reporting from Germany for InnerFidelity. Here’s his first pre-show take on what’s happening…

I arrived in Munich two days early hoping to catch some feel of the world’s most fantastic audio show: High End Munich 2019 – as it emerges, butterfly-like, from a vast empty post-industrial space; turning into a scintillating writhing mass of light, wires, and Blade-runner-like signage.

I will do my best to bring you some of that feel while pointing my camera and directing my notes at people and products I hope you find interesting.

As a teaser, take a look at these photos of the Astell & Kern display under construction. They were taken 24-hours apart. In the future (24-hours later) I will return, take another photo and get the full scoop on what this prestige South Korean personal electronic company brings to the High End stage.

I will begin my InnerFidelity-Munich adventure right there, under that impressive proscenium. Stay tuned – I suspect this audio show butterfly will be BIG and beautiful and fun.


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In common with many Italian words ending in i cognoscenti is the plural form, I believe the singular form is cognoscente (sorry, I know nobody likes a smart-arse). Happily this doesn't detract in any way from the enjoyment of Herb's little appetizer. As far as your own coverage is concerned I assume you headed home straight after the show and will be writing it up over the coming week. Very much looking forward to it!