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I need a headphone amp for my Audeze LCD3

I returned the Sennheiser HDVD 800. When I use the USB off my computer it plugs into the back of the Senn. The bass was disappointing as well as the volume. When I utilized the headphone out on my computer, the sound was like ten times stronger than the USB on the Senn.

My question...Will the Oppo HA-1 be strong enough to make my Audeze's bump using the USB out from my computer?

I had a HiFiman EF5 and the bass thumped harder than the Senn. I will admit that the sound quality wasn't as good, but the HiFi man held its own and at 400 bucks!!!

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My philosophy has alway been

My philosophy has alway been to use a stand alone DAC with an amp, to me the all in one units always seem to be lacking. The Schiit uber bifrost is a $350-500 DAC(depending on options, probably 500 for your application) that outperforms just about any dac/amp combo I've ever heard, and pairing that with a nice standalone amp is truly a thing of beauty.

Try the Schiit Lyr2, its a great amp, and do not let the price tag fool you, it competes with amps 2-3x the price. Also the Schiit Ragnarock might be the best solid state amp I have ever heard, tons and tons of power... He6 like its nothing lol. The headamp gsx mkII is also and excellent pairing for the lcd3. But if you are looking in the HDVD800 price range and that's were you want to stay, you can't go wrong with a cavalli liquid____, granted its a bit more money than the sennheiser, but they are widely regarded as THE endgame headphone amp by most headfi-ers.

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also looking for amp for my LCD3F

you say the Cavalli is THE endgame. I currently like to keep using my Chord Mojo as the DAC. so balanced input is not top priority (future-proofing would be nice).

I also like to be able to roll tubes, hence i have been looking at the schiit Mjolnir 2 seriously. Does the Cavalli line have a hybrid amp?

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