InnerFideliBits: Massdrop Audiophile Buyer; LEAR PC-1; TTVJ Anniversary Sale; Apple Headphone Jack Patent

Hiya! Welcome back to InnerFideliBits, our bi-weekly headphone news column! In this edition, Massdrop seeks a new buyer, LEAR introduces an entry-level earphone case, TTVJ puts up some sweet deals for their 13th anniversary, and Apple preps for future products with a new headphone jack patent!


Industry News: Massdrop Audiophile Buyer

Massdrop, coveted deal-mongerers of the audiophile world, are looking to hire a new audiophile buyer to help cultivate their position in the community. A couple years ago, Massdrop went through this process. In fact, I myself applied for that position. The company is well-regarded in the audiophile community and has even produced exclusive products in partnerships with large companies like AKG.

For more info and to apply for the position, check out the job listing.


New Product: LEAR PC-1

It's not often that a new case product catches one's attention. The new LEAR PC-1 is interesting because it's quite affordable, at 199 HDK, or roughly $25. The case is made of a durable ABS and is fully-lined with silicone on the inside. This case establishes an entry-level below the company's current AC-1 aluminum case.

For more info, check out the LEAR PC-1 product page.

Industry News: Apple Headphone Jack Patent

Apple is known for proprietarizing products and technologies. from the 40-pin dock connector to the lightning connector, the company seems to move to the beat of its own drum, especially in terms of connectors. The company seems to be preparing for slimmer products in the future by filing patent for a 2mm headphone jack and plug. Apple's moves tend to cause trend shifts in the industry. It will be interesting to see what sort of response is evoked by this possibility.

For more info, check out the TechRadar article.


Deal of the Week: TTVJ 13th Anniversary Sale

It's hard to believe that Todd the Vinyl Junkie has been in the business of selling fine personal audio gear for 13 years now. To celebrate, Todd is putting all of his used/sale gear on an additional 10% discount. There are also special deals which require that you call Todd personally. Code "Used Deal 10" will get you the used savings.

To check out what's on sale, check out the TTVJ Sale/Used gear page.


Got any news you'd like me to check out? Leave a comment below and I'll look into it for the next InnerFideliBits!

thaddeus's picture

The 2.5 mm headphone jack easily snaps compared to the 3.5 mm. By coming out with a 2 mm jack means the next jack from Apple will result in more bent jacks or worse yet, jacks that snap off and leave the tips in their phone. Not a good idea in my opinion!