InnerFideliBits: PSB M4U 4; Maxime Loiseau Super-Thin Printed Headphones; Binauric SE OpenEars; Axel Audio Modular Headphones

Hiya! Welcome to another interesting installment of InnerFideliBits! Today we have some cool new in-ears, fashionable feather-light headphones, some binaural bluetooth buds, and a headphone of many modules!


New Product: PSB Audio M4U 4

PSB Audio, famous for their loudspeakers and M4U headphones, have introduced a new in-ear addition to their M4U series. The headphone is a hybrid in-ear, featuring a dynamic driver for low-end and a balanced armature driver for the rest of the spectrum. It also features a wave guide which connects and phase-aligns the drivers. Will PSB ride the new wave of hybrid in-ears to success? I certainly hope so!

Ed Note: Ooooo! Cool, thanks Sean. I'll note that this is Paul Bartons design, designer of the NAD VISO HP50—one of my favorite headphones. Very much looking forward to seeing if he's continued to follow the Harman target curve closely. If so, color me excited!

Check out the product page on PSB's website.


Design News: Maxime Loiseau Super-Thin Headphones

I personally have no qualms about wearing massive full-size headphones around in public. I used to wear my LCD-2s around UCLA campus all the time in college. The fashion headphone world is still, however, a multi-million dollar industry. French designer Maxime Loiseau has devised a way to create a fashionable headphone with no internal wiring to connect the millimeter-thick piezo-electric drivers. The headphones are hewn from a single rol of plastic which has circuity printed onto it before the process begins. The result is a beautiful headphone that has a bit more internal integrity too!

Check out the full Dezeen article for more on the headphone, and Maxime Loiseau's website for more of his innovative designs.

Kickstarter: Binauric SE OpenEars

Binaural audio is a magical thing. The Chesky Brothers' binaural records are always at the top of my audition playlist, and for good reason. The ability to record sound in a spacial configuration similar to the human ears results in an out-of-head experience like no other. Binauric SE is currently in kickstarter funding to product an innovative new in-ear that features binaural mics in each earpiece. These in-ears will allow you to record binaural audio when paired with a smartphone. Hopefully this makes capturing the magic of any moment all that more immersive.

For more info, explore their Kickstarter page.


Kickstarter: Axel Modular Headphone

In the personal audio world, one size definitely does not fit all. Spotify is collaborating with Axel Audio to attempt to achieve the next best thing, though. The Axel headphone features swappable driver cups, headband inserts, and headbands. The headbands and headband inserts attempt to customize aesthetics and comfort. The swappable driver cups are the crux of the product, however. They feature differently tuned drivers which allow for accentuation of different parts of the frequency spectrum. The headphone currently features three modules: Deep, Pure, and Core, with unique tuning for each.

For more info, explore their Kickstarter page.


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I'm still amazed that while people talk (and are excited) about the idea of modular headphones, nobody mentions the AiAiAi TMA-2 modular headphone. They are already out, and they do look gorgeous.

Now, I understand that AiAiAi is more like a European electronic music-related hipster brand (heh) and it has low to none interest in the HeadFi crowd, but still.

Tyll, any chance you will be reviewing those?

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Maybe. I've had a good number of Aiaiai cans in and none were good.'s picture

The PSB M4U 4 has been out for a while but there are very few reviews (professional or not) out there. Any chance it will be reviewed and/or measured in the near future?