InnerFideliBits: VfB Stuttgart's Manager Bans Headphones; Sony B-Trainer Biometric Earphones; Xiaomi Mi Headphones; Chesky Rap Symphony Deal

Hello! Welcome back to InnerFideliBits, our bi-weekly headphone news column! In this edition, VfB Stuttgart's manager restricts headphone usage, Sony releases new biometric in-ears, Xiaomi releases two handsome new headphones, and Chesky Records graces us with yet another deal!


Sports News: Stuttgart Headphone Ban

I don't usually cover sports-related stories, but this one was amusing so I thought I'd share it with you. If you've seen a sporting event recently, you've probably noticed young athletes wearing large over-ear headphones to get amped before the match. The manager of the VfB Stuttgart football (soccer) club has banned his players from wearing headphones, but for a peculiar reason. You might think he was aiming to keep his players from isolating themselves from one another in order to build chemistry. Instead, however, the manager is concerned that it makes his players look diminutive. He stated that when players were 5 feet, 5 inches tall, that wearing such large headphones would take away from their stature. As someone who wears 50mm driver cans in public, I found this surprising. Is there a size of headphone too large for you to wear in public? Let me know in the comments!

For more info, check out the full Newstalk article.


New Product: Sony B-Trainer

Biometric tracking has historically been limited to wrist wearables. We've seen some interesting biometric earphones on kickstarter, but nothing from a major manufacturer. Enter the Sony B-Trainer. This bluetooth headphone features sensors to measure heart rate, burned calories, distance, time, speed, pace, cadence, steps, stride, running route and elevation. The headset also features 16gb of built-in storage which allow you to store music onboard and log fitness data independent of a smartphone until next bluetooth pairing. Having this extended functionality with the Sony audio pedigree is definitely something worth at least checking out.

Check out the full wareable article for more info.

New Product: Xiaomi Mi Headphones

Xiaomi is a Chinese company well known for their smartphone offerings, even taking time to produce audiophile-targeted phones in the past. The company has announced two handsome entries into the personal audio world. The Xiaomi Mi full-size headphones feature huge 50mm beryllium drivers and interchangeable earpads. The headphones have hit the Indian market for 5499 Rs, which is roughly $86 USD. This headphone arrives alongside the Xiaomi Mi earphone, which features an aerospace-grade "sandwich-diaphragm" design. The in-ear is priced at 999 Rs, which is roughly $16 USD. These headphones represent an interesting push for Xiaomi, and compelling value propositions.

For more info, check out the Tech2 article.


Deal Of The Week: Chesky Records Rap Symphony Deal

Just last week, Chesky shared an awesome deal on their Primal Scream album. This week they return with a deal offering 20% of their IMA Award-winning modern classical album, "Rap Symphony". To take advantage of the deal, use the code RAPSYMPHONY20 on

For more info, check out the Head-Fi announcement thread.


Got any news you'd like me to check out? Leave a comment below and I'll look into it for the next InnerFideliBits!

ashutoshp's picture

soccer managers have been known to be eccentric. i remember Sir Alex Ferguson at Man United not liking David Beckham's hair style many years ago. I think its called 'the generation gap'.
Personally, I cant imagine not listening to music even before a pick up game. Pumps me up!!!

Jazzdude6's picture

The real reason is that they look so stupid wearing crap-sounding $400+ headphones they think look cool…..Or maybe not….

Bald1's picture
Bald1's picture

They show @ $79.99 at the Xiaomi website here:

bradleyp's picture

If those Xiaomi cans look as good as the picture and sound as good as they look, the budget headphone sector is about to get really interesting. The cost of material in conventional headphones just isn't very much, so that allows room for significant disruption from a big company looking to grab market share rather than profit as an initial strategy.