InnerFideliBits: Yonatan Gan CD/Vinyl Hybrid Album; LEAR Semi-Soft Material; Emotiva Big Ego & Little Ego; Schiit Show Event

Yo! Welcome back to InnerFideliBits, our bi-weekly headphone news column! In this edition, guitarist Yonatan Gat releases an interesting CD/Vinyl format album, LEAR teases a new in-ear material, Emotiva steps into the portable DAC/Amp market, and Schiit gears up for a show of their own!


Music News: Yonatan Gat's Ascension Album

Vinyl has risen in popularity as of late, with many dusting off their old records to once again experience that intrinsically "analog" sound. Guitar virtuoso Yonatan Gat has headged his bets by releasing an album that, with the use of an included adapter, doubles as a vinyl record. Sticking the adapter in the center of the CD and reversing it allows any record player to play the disc. The inner region of the city retains the laser-inscribed CD format-tracks as well.

For more info, and to see the album in action, check out the full mxdwn article.


Industry News: LEAR Semi-Soft In-ear Material

LEAR is a manufacturer keen on offering a variety of materials from which to construct their in-ears. The company has already introduced soft silicon and semi-hard silicon materials. This new material, hinted at in a recent Head-Fi thread, sits squarely between the two aforementioned materials in terms of hardness.

Check out theHead-Fi teaser thread for more info.

New Products: Emotiva Little Ego and Big Ego

Emotiva has finally jumped into the portable DAC/Amp market with two new products that started shipping last week. The Big Ego and Little Ego, besides being interesting double entendres ("E" for Emotiva + "go"), feature the capability to decode PCM formats up to 32/384, with the Big Ego featuring a line out and more robust variety of inputs. All this for a price of $197.10 for the Big Ego and $152.10 for the Little Ego!

For more information, check out the Big Ego and Little Ego product pages.


Event News: SchiitShow Event

Schiit Audio has been a staple in the headphone community, revered for their built-in-the-USA, affordable, and well-made amplifiers, DACs, and more! Despite this long-standing position in the community, Schiit has never hosted their own event. On August 15, 2015, however, the Schiit will hit the fans, with Schiit audio putting on its own event to premiere 3 new products and discuss two new ideas. Keep your eyes and ear peeled for some new Schiit and visit the show at the Hotel MDR if you can.

For more details, check out the Head-Fi announcement thread.


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