InnerFideliBits: Yono Earphones; Rocky Horror Headphone Event; Brainwavz Jive; TTVJ Sale

Hello! Welcome back to InnerFideliBits, our bi-weekly headphone news column! In this edition, Yono uses earphones to help monitor pregnancies, a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening makes innovative use of headphones, Brainwavz releases the new Jive in-ear, and TTVJ slashes prices on vinyl and used gear!

Kickstarter: Yono Earphones

Recently, wearable technologies have found more and more innovative ways to incorporate headphone usage into health monitoring and other forms of tracking and interaction. Engineers at Yono have developed an in-ear that measures a number of vital signs to help young women know when is the best time to conceive. The device logs this data to a smartphone via the Yono app. The Yono has already raised over $20,250 toward its $30,000 kickstarter goal.

For more info, check out theYono kickstarter page.


Event News: Rocky Horror Lincoln Center Headphone Screening

When I was a Resident Assistant in college, I had an idea to have an extremely late party that would be fun and still respect quiet hours. I came up with the idea of streaming to my residents' phones and having everyone wear headphones. Unfortunately, I never got to put that event on. The Lincoln Center seems to have seized my concept in order to allow a recent screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show to adhere to city ordinances prohibiting amplified sound after 10PM. The event handed out sets of headphones which would connect to a stream of audio for the movie. Innovative uses of headphones like this truly help connect media consumers. Hopefully we'll see this type of event cross genres and media forms in the future.

For more info, check out thethe New York Times Article.

New Product: Brainwavz Jive

Brainwavz is known for their affordable and great-sounding in-ears and full-size headphones. They have announced a new product called the Jive, which, according to the company, achieves tuning similar to balanced armature earphones at the amazing price of $30. The earphones will be available in red, blue, and green, and can be pre-ordered at the mp4-nation website.

For more info, check out the Head-Fi announcement thread.


Deal Of The Day: TTVJ Sale

This week, Todd the Vinyl Junkie is having a sale on a huge array of products. All used gear can be purchased for a 10% discount off of the already great prices using the discount code "Used Deal 10". Vinyl can also be had for 25% off!

For more info, check out the Head-Fi announcement thread.


Got any news you'd like me to check out? Leave a comment below and I'll look into it for the next InnerFideliBits!

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