InnerFidelity Now Mobile-Friendly

So as not to incur the wrath of Google, InnerFidelity now passes the mobile-friendly requirements and will benefit from the better "ranking signal" on mobile search. InnerFidelity is now definitely easier to read on my phone. On the down side, a number of features are lost—like commenting and forums. I apologize, Google's requirements—and search penalties—are pretty intense if you don't fit the mobile friendly standards, and our content management system's back-end just isn't very well developed for mobile-friendly.

I will say our group Web Monkey, Jon Iverson, has been Johnny-on-the-Spot in putting together what we do have to make the Google deadline, and our whole family of titles is getting the upgrade. Thanks Jon!

The future is not sharply clear on these types of issues because we are slated to be moved over to the content management system that The Enthusiast Network uses for its other titles. It sure would be cool to have the kinds of tools that Motor Trend and Surfer have. Unfortunately, that also means current investment in improvements might be moot 6-12 months from now when we move platforms. It would be wasteful to invest heavily in current improvements to the InnerFidelity website. I want to thank InnerFidelity readers for bearing the burden of a somewhat clumsy interface in places, you can see why this is something that can't be addressed quickly.

Anyhow, InnerFidelity on your phone will be a lot easier to read now.

AncientWisdom's picture

Awesome. Perhaps one suggestion to help until the site is upgraded to a modern system? Add a button at the bottom to load the full site. That way we can read the article and then view the comments. I'm also guessing that you'll see a sharp reduce in the discussions... BTW chrome at least let's me "request desktop site" which is how I was able to comment :-)

Dick James's picture

The monitors we use are getting larger and wider but the websites are getting smaller and narrower. Why can't people rotate their devices instead of going back to websites that look as if they came from the 90's when small, square monitors were used?

Impulse's picture

Most people prefer to read with their devices in portrait mode, since you're ultimately scrolling up/down anyway, at least on mobile.

On the desktop there's far too much variety anyway and it's pretty trivial to adjust font and window sizes... My desktop is 5760x1200 or 3600x1920 depending on how it's currently rotated, pretty much nothing is ever full screen outside of games...

MetalMessiah78's picture

I used to dread reading this website on my phone, especially through my RSS Reader. This is a marked improvement, and as AncientWisdom said, we can anyways switch to desktop mode to comment.