InnerFidelity Update March 2015

Headphone Measurements
As usual I've updated the AllGraphs.pdf of course, and added the cans to the measurement datasheets page. I've also linked to the measurement sheets to the headphone name in paragraphs below. New additions include:

  • Alpha Design Labs ADL H128 - Though missing a bit of information up in the treble, these are actually pretty good sounding headphones. Ear pads are quite unusually triangular shaped with what appears to be a too small opening. Though cozy, they fit much better than I thought they would. A possible for folks smaller heads and ears wanting a laid back sealed headphone.
  • Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 - A very good sounding headphone with a mildly bright presentation but with extraordinary resolving power. Review here.
  • Wiss Audio On-Ear Force 1 - This roughly $59 on-ear sealed headphone is rather new and slowly making its way into distribution—let's just say it's hard to find. But one did find its way here and these do sound quite good for a low cost headphone.
  • Fostex T50RP DIY Modified by messiach - Head-Fier messiach submitted a DIY modified Fostex T50RP for measurement and we both got a big surprise. He only recently got bit by the headphone modding bug and I told him not to expect too much—modding headphones successfully is not easy. Well, other than those made by folks doing it as a business, these measurements are among the best I've seen for enthusiast modified T50RPs.
  • Musical Fidelity MF200 - A cheerful, somewhat "U" shaped frequency response is a bit too bright and a bit too loose in the bass for me, but it's not too far off the pace. Both these and the MF100s released last year came close. I'm thinking/hoping the next time around (MF300?) Musical Fidelity will get a review.
  • NVX XPT 100 - Funny how this Yoga headphone shows up in Russia as the Fischer Audio FA-003, and now here as the NVX XPT 100. $179 is a pretty good price for a circumaural, sealed headphone that ships with both angled and flat pads. I tried it both ways and measured them with both flat and angled pads, but their somewhat forward and agressive sound turned me off.
  • Samsung Level On - Three times I've pulled these back out of the box after looking at the measurements. They're close, but in cases like that it's all about how it adds up in your ears, and unfortunately the Level Ons don't add up. Lack of high treble; a scooped out presence region; and a just too big and just too broad bass hump all add up to a significantly colored listening experience.
  • SMS Headphones - I didn't have high hopes going into the SMS booth at CES, but surprisingly found myself impressed enough to request samples for measurement and review consideration. Two headphones came in for measurement. The Street by 50 DJ Pro circumaural, sealed headphone was actually fairly close to the target response and will likely satisfy a lot of urban youth. Unfortunately, the response was also somewhat rough and probably too uneven for audiophile enjoyment. The and ANC Over Ear? Well, with so many ANC headphone sounding really bad I'd say this one was a little better than average...but that's not saying much.
  • Brooklyn Headphone Company BKHC BK9 - Sure, I prefer my headphones just a little warm...but not this warm. Treble response is, oh, 10dB to 20dB too low. Felt like listening underwater to me.
  • IEMs - Had a three IEMs come through the measurement rig and get shipped off to ljokerl. Measured were the Audiofly AF180, and Sennheiser CX1 and CX2. All three looked okay, but slightly off here and there. I'll let ljokerl decide what's up.

That's it for the moment, but keep you eyes out tomorrow. I want to get more headphones measured than I currently am, and I think I've got a solution.

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the modified T50rp measurements look good. Too good for a first time mod. Did the company update the driver without telling anyone? Or is this guy a genius?

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I am not sure if Foster changed anything - I do know my version was slightly different than the modding instructions indicated. There was no felt on the back vents out of the box - felt was placed there during the mod with a bass port slightly below center. I will say out of the box, they sounded hollow and were uncomfortable - the mods helped a lot with both those areas...

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It's the demonstration on YouTube - they state that the mods are similar to the BMF 1.33 transpore mods.

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I think they're a superb value, considering actual street prices are around 100$. The CD-880 (you accidentally put a link to the CD-990 by the way, which is the open variant of the CD-880) are bright and aggressive, I agree. I think they're great studio monitors due to the isolation and detail retrieval though.

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Thanks for noticing, I fixed the link. :)
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I've seen the NVX's discounted to as low as $80 before, to be honest. In any case, it's worth noting that they've been available through BrainWavz as the HM5 for a while now as well...'s picture

Hi Tyll
Thanks for your review. I am enjoying my newfound hobby modding T50RPs. Good results so far following the BMF treads. Can you please send a link to any pages that describe the mods made by ThomasS?

Many thanks