Sydspirit Wins a DragonFly for his PC System

Brad Dahlke of Rochester, Minnesota was very surprised by the differences in sound quality when he plugged in his brand new AudioQuest DragonFly. Brad won the DragonFly as part of a sweepstakes here on! Brad shared his headphone history and revelations with the DragonFly with me via email.

Listening through his Sennhesier HD-558s via his ASUS G51Jx-A1 personal computer, Dahlke found the sound "good but homogeneous, just a blob". After plugging in the AudioQuest DragonFly into his USB drive, the music opened up and space between the instruments expanded. "There was a sound stage, detail, and dynamics. I am impressed." Brad can't wait to plug the DragonFly into his main system via the AudioQuest Sydney interconnect, which was also included in his winnings. Brad's primary system includes gear from Magnepan, Nikko, and Luxman.

Brad also recently purchased some HiFiman HE-5LE cans and has been A/Bing them with the AKG K701s, AKG K240DFs, Beyer Custom Pro Ones, and some Stax SR-30s. Damn Brad. You are stacked yourself! Wonder how the DragonFly will treat these cans? We can only expect good things.

Everyone please show some love to Mr. Dahlke! Or sydspirit as he's known in these parts. Congratulations and thank you for participating.