July InnerFidelity Update

Man! It's July already ... June went by in a flash.

Went to THE Show; did some burn-in; reviewed quite a few sealed headphones; Ryan's Eddie current review was awesome; airline headphones weren't; did TWiT TV; saw Todd's new amp; gave away headphones.com money; and sampled some killer DIY cans from dBel84.

I wonder what I'll do next?

July Update
Predictions - I looked back at last months update and realized I did little of what I expected. I wanted to do that stuff, and still do, but when I find interesting things I can't seem to help but write about them. Sorry. I hope it's been entertaining. I've decided I'm not going to make anymore predictions. I'll just let the subjects be as much a surprise for you as they are for me.

Wes Philips - A while ago I announced Wes would be joining InnerFidelity and would be writing about amps. Unfortunately for us, unexpected amounts of life got in the way of Wes's participation and he won't be contributing here. Bon chance, Wes, may all your roads be elevating.

Measurements - The measurement graph booklet and download page have been updated. Measurement updates this month include: 6 Pioneer headphones; the Eskuche 33 1/3; Behringer HPS5000; Sennheiser HD25-1 II; the Sony MDR-ZX700; a Untied Airlines headphone; and dBel84's killer Orthodynamic collection!

Have a great Fourth of July!

n_maher's picture

Keep up the great work, Tyll.

Armaegis's picture

Psst, the link to the graph booklet on this page is broken.

Tyll Hertsens's picture
oops ... sorry ... fxt.
xnor's picture
I like surprises. Keep the good stuff coming and enjoy the Fourth!
DT48's picture

Wonderful site with valuable information and really interesting reading. But what happened to Mr Phillips?

Tyll Hertsens's picture
Personal stuff ... none of our business.
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Here's wishing Wes the best. I didn't realize until a couple days ago that it was his review of the Phiaton 400 I read that helped me decide to buy it.

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Looking forward to reading some more stuff!

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And we all know Audeze upgrade the driver for LCD-2... Will it be measured in the future? I am so much looking forward to seeing it!

Tyll Hertsens's picture
It will absolutely be measured as soon as possible.