A Little Fun With Steve Rochlin on Enjoy the Music TV

I met Steve very early on in my headphone exploits. Not sure why, but somehow we just "got" each other. At T.H.E. Show Newport we decided it would be fun to talk about old times on his EnjoyTheMusic.TV show.

Plenty of old times discussed here, plus a little chat about where headphones are going today.

Click here for 45 minutes of Sunday morning coffee chat.

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A nice diversion , insightful , fun . I was working while listening and had quick looks at the screen from time to time , your description of the history of Headphone portability kinda brought today's things into context . As an Industrialist I have to agree that Headphones is a wonderful hobby , it certainly blends well into my busy life . I love your reviews , thanks for all the work you invest , I typically purchase based on your discovery process , I consider these rather "Safe" expendatures , you save me from making calculated guesses , I haven't had to ebay anything I've purchased , I wish every area of life had a resource like Tyll Hertsens , I've come to realize that you Say what you mean and mean what you say , a rare quality , I cherish it .
Bon Vivant
Tony Kaz in Michigan

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Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed it!
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.. inteligent, and informative. Thanks!