The Look and Feel of Money in Headphones

Headphone commercials are pretty rare. National advertising is expensive and not many headphone companies can afford that kind of dough...well, one can.

So, here's Beats latest commercial for their wireless headphones. Apple's iPhone 7 has no headphone jack and wireless headphone are the fastest growing of all types. Coincidence? I think not.

If you ever wanted to know what the headphone business looks when it's got a lot of money, this is it.

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No strings, hmm, that's a good one! Disney, no less.

I wonder if the Phone people are creating a whole new Generation of Audiophiles? It was Hugh Hefner's Playboy Mansion that created us Big Speaker systems buyers, back in the 1960s, wasn't it?, that wall of glowing Audio gear, reel to reel tape machines and tower speakers. Get that big System and you get the girls.

I see ear phones everywhere I go, folks have already purchased a good many and will probably buy more as those little wires break or the darn things get plugged up or lost. I don't see many headphone wearers but I imagine folks will buy them for home use ( especially if they can answer the phone with em ). And, I see both women and men wearing the things! and every age group, phew. Ear phones are a success.

My lovely High-End Analog Audio is losing base customers rapidly and hoping to attract new-blood, youthful folks with a life of buying ahead of them. Well, here it is: here is their very hope, here is their savior! Here is their future: Big beautiful sound, on a Park bench, on a Commuter flight, in the Garden, in the Office Building lobby, no age limits, no gender stigma, no muss, no fuss. Democracy in Music.

Geez, I might even buy an Audio Research headphone system ( tiny tubes are out there ), what are they waiting for? I'll have to pass on a portable VPI turntable ( if they ever make one ), hmm, a VPI in a Backpack?

This Disney type Ad hits the nail on the head but I think the world already gets the picture, it's us old-school audiophiles who are in some sort of denial. Headphone is Mainstream, Audiophile headphone is here, there's no turning back.

Tony in Michigan

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They will sell a lot but not a single one will ever be bought by me nor for me. If given to me as a gift I will return ASAP, if someone said they refused to take them back I would snap them apart like the junque they are and stomp them into the ground.

I have had it with Apple and in truth I would rather not listen than listen to anything produced by that scumbag company. I have three Windows laptops and a Mac Mini as I used to be an Apple user. No more. The only time the Mini gets booted up is when several months have passed and I just feel like updating the software, otherwise to Hades with it.

It is bad enough that audio is already populated with frAudiophiles but now we get the fApple crowd too. The only upside to these idiots is that with their headphones on at least I do not have to be subjected to their cRap and hippity-hop or their hick-hop faux country or whatever else is mainlined by the mainstream.

Walt would vomit at the sight of that commercial and would drop dead at what has become of his company.


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I'm entitled to mock and disregard it.

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"if someone said they refused to take them back I would snap them apart like the junque they are and stomp them into the ground.”

Perhaps you might consider taking them to the nearest charity store instead ?

Might as will being someone some good...

JacktheMac's picture

"if someone said they refused to take them back I would snap them apart like the junque they are and stomp them into the ground.”

Perhaps you might consider taking them to the nearest charity store instead ?

Might as will being someone some good...

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Audiophiles with big systems are a minority like yacht owners. Most of us have smaller budgets and the realities of limited space to put a system in. The freedom of wireless headphones is exhilarating, can't wait to see someone like Audeze or Hifiman do it right so that we can sit in any chair in the house and enjoy a Naim or Auralic streaming solution hidden away in a closet.

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I have a nice pair of Sennheiser RS195s and they do not make me feel euphoric because they don't have wires. I am not overcome with the raging desire to emulate Pinocchio and sing "There are no strings on me".

I just listen to my music as I do when I wear wired ones with the only difference being I can walk around the room if I so choose.

And one of my "streamers" is an Encore Internet Radio by Grace Digital. I have several such devices throughout our home including two receivers with built-in internet tuners. They all work as well as any high end device and cost me less. With the Grace and Squeezebox radios I do not feel compelled to hide them anywhere as I sometimes look at the displays to see the album artwork or track information that is put up there by the station I am listening to.

I am neither audiophile nor frAudiophile. I like music.

And I loathe fApple right now. ;-)

Back on topic: Screw fApple.


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Poznaj Sennheiser Urbanite

I don't think it gets that much airtime though.

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60 Minutes just did a story about those millennials, phew, they've turned the Smart phone into an Advertising medium and are making solid money.

These young folks are getting millions of hits ( or is it clicks? ).

Turns out that Advertising Firms can't reach these millennials with traditional methods but can reach them thru funny & entertaining shorts via the Phone.

None of the various people featured on 60 Minutes look anything like the people in the "No Strings" Ad. or like us Audiophiles.

The World changed, overnight, that 'stand-alone' Phone is their entire music system and their entire video system.

I though my wife's watching stuff on her iPad was futuristic, it isn't , it's Old-School, even for a 70+ year old Bible School Minister.

No wonder my children never answer my Phone calls, they're watching Kim Kardashian and many others.

Tony in Arizona ( handing out Clinton Signs)

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Actually there are two headphone manufacturers putting big $ into national TV ads. Check out Bose's work on NFL games.

It's all good. This rising tide is helping to float our Hi Fidelity boats too.

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JBL has had a few TV headphone commercials but I bet a lot less money was spent :)

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Not only are the Beats wireless phones, regardless of configuration, not HiFi - even the Koss, SuperX and Shure cans of the Hefner "Playboy After Dark" era were closer to HiFi and often better than the tower loudspeakers of the period - they have the time lag due to BT processing. So, go back and watch the Mickey promo actually wearing a set of Beats wireless phones and not only will the sound be most likely off putting, there will be a temporal disconnect as well.

The only reason I have found so far for owning a set of wireless headphones, or inserts for that matter, is that they allow me a avoid tangling with wires when they might pose a safety hazard, such as while using exercise equipment. And, in addition to the reduced fidelity and time shift, having to spend four-hours charging to get one hour of play further reduces their desirability. I have found this 4/1 ratio to be rather universal, the exception, so far, being JAMS.

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Really ?? And how does an epic in cinemascope look like on the tiny teeny weeny screen of an Android portable phone ?

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