Massdrop's "What Would You Ask Sennheiser’s Axel Grell?"

I've had the great pleasure of numerous conversations with Axel Grell, Sennheiser's chief engineer on the HD 800. He's a brilliant engineer and one way or another has had his hands in just about any Sennheiser project that you or I might be interested in. More importantly, to my mind, he's a delightful and imaginative person, quick with a wry smile and a twinkling eye. Just a treat to interact with. may have your chance! Massdrop is holding a Q&A session with Axel and you can ask a question too. I perused the list, here are jusrt a few of may favorites so far:

How has Apple's decision to remove the headphone jack affecting Sennheiser and the headphone industry as a whole? Does it help or hurt?

What are your favorite digital trend in headphones?

What headphone made by another company do you admire?

I am curious to know your commentary about the difference between the HD600 and HD650. I just purchased my fourth pair of the HD600. Many of my brethren share the opinion that the low end in the 600 sits in better proportion to the rest of the spectrum.

If a complete layman asked you what to pay attention to while buying headphones, what advice would you give?

What is, in your opinion, THE Sennheiser headphone that everybody should have. Like, the one that could make you smile and feel warm if you see it inside every house you go to.

Have a look yourself, some of the questions are pretty funny, and some from names I recognized from forums are quite astute. Obviously only select questions will be addressed—the list is already over 300 long—but here's your opportunity! Questions must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. this Wednesday, November 9th. Axel's answers will be published some time next week. Click the link below to check it out.

Massdrop's "What Would You Ask Sennheiser’s Axel Grell?"

tony's picture

Across the Globe, people have Smart-Phone access to Music, will transducer devices for the Smart-Phone be scaling-up to include Audiophile Levels as Smart-Phones such as the LG V20 Quad Dac become widely available ? and if so, how far out in time will this be happening ?

I love my 4 pair of Sennheisers and intend to own at least 3 more, even obsolete Sennheisers are wonderful !

Tony in Michigan

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Given that Sennheiser make the best headphones in the world, what would you recommend as the best combination of headphone and music to drown out the undending horror that will be unleashed if Donald Trump wins?

tony's picture

Start with Mozart's Requiem and a few Valium washed down with a Fifth of 5 O'clock Vodka. Establish a Maintenance level of around .03 BAL supported with a steady supply of Oxy's.

See you on the other side.

Tony in Michigan

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It seems to me that the more efficient the headphone, and the easiest to drive to big sound, would have a distinct advantage in future models, true?

Bennyboy's picture

Just like trousers, Why is it called a pair of headphones?

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