Munich High End 2019 with InnerFidelity

Headphones and High End should make for a potent combination this year at the world’s premier high-fidelity get together in Munich, Germany running from May 9-12.

For those unfamiliar with what transpires at the MOC centre for this, High End’s 16th year in this space (38th year running), it’s difficult to convey the size of the gigantic, multi-tiered exposition space as it is unlike any other show I’ve attended.

With massive halls set aside for headphone-centric manufacturers, distributors and bricks-and-mortar shops to set-up listening and display areas, the amount of variety in both consumer and professional gear focused on personal audio is staggering; one literally needs a golf cart to get around and be able to see and hear it all – a daunting proposition for even the most hardened gear fetishist.

One of the coolest things about the High End show is the variety of people in attendance – you’ll encounter a huge cross section of society with not only the prequisite throngs of middle-aged men, but also women, families, couples, teens and children taking in the sights and sounds – more than any other show I’ve been to.

Whether it’s the fact that the show is held in Europe and mostly attended by Europeans or not, there is an undeniable vibe of positivity that flows throughout High End and I find it infects everyone from press covering the event to manufacturers, exhibitors and most importantly – attendees all revelling in a sense of real camaraderie and realization that listening to music is actually supposed to be a fun experience that is not dominated by measurements, test tones or negativity – people are genuinely happy.

With the spectre of more than 500 exhibitors this year, High End has something for everybody and to give you a bit of a clue of what Munich is like, the High End Society has put together this video of what you can expect should you decide to go.

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