Noble Audio Sage and Kaiser In-Ear Headphones

I was thrilled to see Noble at CanJam because I wasn’t able to listen to the Kaiser Encore and Sage which were released last fall at RMAF 2016. Prior to CanJam, the last time anything Noble had graced my ears was the Noble 6 in late 2015. It had been far too long. Their current design concept combines colors and geometric textures in a way that creates, in my view, a very video-gamey look and feel.

The Kaiser Encore ($1850) succeeds Noble’s previous flagship, the Kaiser 10 (K10), and is, indeed, a worthy successor. It’s 100% CNC’d body contains 10 proprietary balanced armature drivers per side. In comparison to the K10, the Kaiser Encore reportedly has a retooled midrange, more precise imaging, and superior spatial representation. I was unable to compare the two side by side, but thoroughly enjoyed what I heard.

The Sage ($599), following the footsteps of the Savant, features dual balanced armatures and precision machined aluminum faceplates. It’s smartphone compatible, hand-assembled, and ideal for bassheads.

At CanJam, Noble exhibited their whole lineup of universal fit and custom fit IEMs ranging from their most affordable, the triple driver Trident ($399), to their two top of the line pieces: the Kaiser Encore ($1850) and the Katana ($1850).

Also announced at CanJam: Noble will begin offering lightning cables in March.

Here’s Noble’s Co-Owner Brannan Mason at CanJam NYC 2017:

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