Open Call to Manufacturers: The Ultimate Headphone Guide

Earlier this summer, Tyll let you know about the Ultimate Headphone Guide to be released on newsstands this November. This week I sent out the requests for information to manufacturers. If you are a manufacturer of headphones and headphone amps and have not yet received a request for information, please email me at ariel.bitran(at)sorc(dot)com so I can set up an account for you. If there's headphone brand you don't want me to miss, please comment so we can make sure to ask for their information.

Theo's picture

It would be nice to see German Maestro in that guide.

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Another loudspeaker company venturing into headphones realm. But their recent product seems quite interesting and shows passion. It would be nice to know if they are serious about headphone from their first try.

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Would like to see these in ears reviewed. Audiofly