Please Help Audeze - Keep Your Eyes and Ears Open for Clues

Dear Readers, I was sent the following announcement to post in hopes that having more eyes out there and aware of the situation might speed the recovery of a lot of stolen Audeze headphones. As you surf the web, I'd like to ask you to spend an extra moment or two to see if any Audeze headphones pop up for sale in your area. Remember, these cans may show up any where in the world. Thank you for anything you can do.

February 28th, there was a break-in and robbery at Audeze. About $250,000 of headphones were stolen. We're a relatively small company and this is a real blow. Audeze asks everyone to let us know if offered LCD headphones at a deal that’s too good to be true. You should be highly suspicious if anyone other than an Authorized Audeze dealer offers you our headphones for sale at a reduced price. We don't allow our dealers to sell via Amazon, eBay, Craigslist etc., so deals on these sites should be carefully researched before purchase. You should also be very concerned if their headphones do not have a serial number, or the seller refuses to give you the serial number before purchase. All Audeze headphones have a serial number on the inside of the adjusting block. We'll soon publish a list of all stolen products’ serial numbers. In addition, Audeze is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the thieves.

If you have any information or questions, please write to: While it does not appear any EL-8s were stolen (they were in a different area of our warehouse), due to the police investigation and general disruption, you should expect a few days’ delay in EL-8 shipments.

Thanks, The Audeze Team

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I can almost understand wanting to steal a pair of Audeze but stealing 250,000 dollars worth is just being greedy eh.

I hope that the company remains successful and this doesn't impact any of their employees or their future.

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A pity that this happened but unfortunately there are thieves everywhere. Surely Audeze would have been businesslike enough to have adequate insurance for theft from their warehouse.

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Terribly sorry this happened

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I hope they catch the bums.

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From the size of the job this must have been a professional and planned theft, maybe even an inside job. My guess is the cans are on their way overseas to some grey market dealer or another.
Look forward to those serial numbers being posted so we can do what we can to identify any sellers.

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Where were they stolen?

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Filing a claim is like selling the entire inventory without the logistical hassles.

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