Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Found to Have Problems

I didn't have, and continue not to have any problems with the Momentum Wireless M2 I reviewed recently, but evidently others are having problems. The malfunction manifests as static or noise in the bluetooth connection and seems to have some odd symptoms at times. Some speculation the nature of the problem is related to interference in high density metropolitan areas that are likely to have a lot of RF near the BT transmitter frequencies. There may also be a relationship between how loud outside noises are and audio break-up. If you have experienced problems, be sure to carefully identify failure symptoms as that info may be useful for Sennheiser.

Sennheiser acknowledges there is a problem with some of these headphones, and is stopping production until it is remedied. They currently believe this problem is effecting only a small number of these headphones. I've got to say that my experience with this model is that the Bluetooth performance is excellent; I can walk through my entire 5 bedroom, two story house and continue to get clear reception from my iPad stationary in the kitchen.

I sent an email to my Sennheiser PR contact for an official statement and received:

Currently we are trying to identify the root cause. It seems that various factors of the usage scenario contribute to the weakened Bluetooth performance. Once we have identified the definite reason for the unstable Bluetooth connection we will find and offer an adequate solution for the MOMENTUM Wireless.

Currently, customers having problems are asked to contact Sennheiser for resolution.

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Mine are sending me secret instructions from the MotherShip in Orbit over the Earth.

I'm instructed to buy up all the older RS220s on Ebay and hoard them until further notice.

I get fresh directives every Monday evening at 8:35 PM sharp.

Tony in Michigan

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But...but...the RS220 isn't bluetooth.

You happy to see me or is that a base station in your pocket. :)

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Sure, I'm happy to see this site doing good things and wondering where all the other technical folks are.

I know plenty of engineers, this site is right down their alley, wonder where they are, maybe following headfi Chocolate or Schiit or Stax or somewhere out there.

Your and "The Katz" work should be drawing a couple hundred guys with intelligent comments aplenty.

Anyway, I'm a believer in Sennheiser stuff with 4 different pair and planning on a couple more, while sitting here waiting for Katz 4 & 5.

A fresh HD600 Cable arrived today from China ( the original 20 year old cable developed an intermittentcy at the little connector ), 1.2Meter length, Sound Quality is excellent, about $20 from the ebay site, three weeks delivery time, nice blue color, somehow the bass slam seems even more impressive than before. ( I have the HD580s singing like Pavaratti now-a-days ).

Uppps, gotta go, another transmission is coming.

Tony in Michigan

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Mine have the issue. Static, blips, dropouts, strange anc stuff amplifying sounds around me, and the reception breaks up if I walk to the other side of the room, or around my kitchen counter. Outisde, can't walk half a block in Brooklyn without something strange happening. Serious bummer.

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Ever been doing things that could be one thing we sure do need for whatever that we may want to know. - Chuck Sugar

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Wrote this post on the review thread, but the Momentum Wireless REV02 has their bluetooth issues fixed.