T.H.E. Show Newport 2011 Summary Burp

Summary Burp
Audiophile Vendors
All the work in creating an "audiophile lifestyle" vibe would be for naught if the participants couldn't or wouldn't "get it." So, it's important that the vendors didn't queer the deal with an obnoxious "hard sell." That, of course, didn't happen. In my experience, the people in the audiophile business are some of the coolest, most laid back, audio lovers I've met.

Selling is a noble profession, if done well. Selling is the act of helping people understand products and matching the features of the product with the value system of the customer. Once the perceived value is higher than the value of money to that individual, they buy. Most audiophile companies I've experienced know this, and know their customers, and will often keep track of the desires of their patrons and proactively inform their clients when products come along that are known to be desirable for that individual. The vendor/customer relationship is often far more collaborative than it is competitive or opportunistic --- clients or compatriots, not customers ... or something like that.

The feeling I got, was that the more human and relaxed atmosphere of the event did wonders to make the love all parties share for great music and reproduction all the more evident. I'm grateful we have such interesting, passionate, and down-right fun people professionally involved in this business.

The Future
My understanding is that T.H.E. Show Newport will now be an annual event hosted by Bob Levy and the LA & OC Audio Society, and produced by Richard Beers. I plan on returning, and I hope Souther California InnerFidelity readers will look for the opportunity to attend next year as well, because it was a damned good time.

Thanks Bob and Richard, you guys are a shining light leading the way to high-end audio shows of the future. I hope audiophile societies around the country take note: local audiophile societies and events can be fun and worthwhile.

I'll be back next year ... that's for sure.

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I'm glad that the show will be annual now! I love it and I'm glad to have an opportunity to wait for the show every year.