T.H.E. Show Newport 2014: Noble Audio Universal-Fit and Custom IEMs

Dr. John Moulton, affectionately known as "The Wizard" amongst the headphone faithful, was previously the lead IEM designer at Heir Audio. His Heir 8.A CIEM was favorably reviewed here at InnerFidelity in our "ToTL Madness!" review of 24 top of the line CIEMs, and can be found on our "Wall of Fame" here. With the launch of Noble Audio the Wizard is back, and in a big way. Already populated with a full range of balanced armature based product, from a full line of universal fit IEMs to a variety of custom configurations in both acrylic and silicon, a peruse of the Noble Audio website yields a couple of nice surprises.

I'm glad to see some options with silicon earpieces, which are my personal preference. I find them much more comfortable and deliver a more reliable seal as they bend to conform with your ear canal during jaw movements. Another interesting surprise is the Switch series of universal fit IEMs that include two differently voiced sets of drivers and switch to select the desired response.

I spent a little time chatting about the new line with Brannan Mason, who runs the business side of the operation, and was pleased to find out that InnerFidelity IEM reviewer lJokerl is already on the scent of a Noble story.

Brannan talks about the switch in the video. Click for Noble's Classic and Switch universal-fit, and silicon and acrylic custom-fit IEMs.

John Grandberg's picture
I've got their 5C with the Switch option and it's killer - warm, lush goodness on one hand, clean reference presentation on the other, with just a flick of the switch. I love both the concept and the execution. And their flagship Kaiser 10? Let's just say if we redid the ToTL Madness article today, the Kaiser would be my top choice. Yeah, it's that good.