T.H.E Show Newport 2015: Burson Audio Soloist and Conductor Virtuoso Headphone Amps

Ha! I had a Conductor Virtuoso ($1995 w/ESS9018, $1495 w/PCM1793) still in its shipping box at home as I visited Burson Audio's booth at Newport. Heck, I'll fire it up as I write this post! The Soloist ($995), by the way, is the same analog electronics but without a DAC.

Hmm, sounds good...very fast...still getting used to the HiFiMAN HE-1000, but this is pretty good. Over the next couple of months I'm going to be evaluating some of the new killer headphones out the like the HE-1000, Mr. Speakers Ether, and the Enigmacoustics Dharma. To do so, I figured I should put together 5 or 6 high-end systems to evaluate the cans with a variety of rigs—maybe to see if some amps give different and more or less pleasing results when pair up with particular headphones. So far I've got the AURALiC Taurus MkII and Vega DAC, the Simaudio Moon Neo 430HA, the massive Woo WA-234 mono-blocks, and the Burson Conductor Virtuoso w/ESS9018 DAC. Still to come are the Schiit Rag and Yggy, the HeadAmp GS-X, and possibly one of the Eddie Current amps. That's some pretty exalted company for the sub-$2000 Burson. So why did I include it? Well, too many people I trust kept asking if I'd heard it; the buzz is just too persistent not to. And given what I'm hearing now as I switch back and forth now between the Simaudio and the Burson, I'd say the Conductor Virtuoso is playing in this league.

Stand out features of Burson amps are:

I'll let Joseph Yerardi fill you in with all the details in the video, but you can be sure you'll be hearing more about this amp from me over the next couple of months.

Click here if you can't see the video.

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See, if I was at that Show I'da had to to buy one.

Speaking of Burson, where is Katz No.5?

Tony in Michigan