T.H.E Show Newport 2015 Highlight: Audio Precision APx555 High Performance Audio Test System

I love my Audio Precision SYS 2522 System 2 Cascade tester...but it is getting a bit long in the tooth. The process of setting up all the panels to make a measurement and then writing the code to automate tests can be tiresome and, more importantly, confusing—this is a complicated and extremely feature-laden piece of gear; it is not easy to operate. During a tech support call about a year ago I heard about this new tester and became very interested. It's much more advanced software would make my job way easier.

Jonathan Novick gave me the tour of the APx555 ($28,000) and I was like a kid in a candy store, this piece of gear rocks. Not only does it improve it's noise and distortion limit over it's predecessor, the SYS2722, by about 5dB, its software has undergone a revolutionary change for the better. Gone is all the tedious panel settings and need to export captured data before executing other tests. Now you simply run down a menu ticking boxes of the type of test you'd like to execute and then you push the start button. All the tests are done essentially simultaneously, and all the results are available for view and post processing without loss of any of the original data. The difference between my software and the new stuff is rather like the difference between a hand calculator and an iPad. I. Want.

Also very important to mention here that since this type of gear is very complex, good tech support is a must. I can tell you from personal experience that the customer support desk at Audio Precision is peerless in its ability to solve customer problems. On numerous occasions I've called for help, not because there was a problem with the gear but just because I didn't understand something or wasn't sure how to write a program to solve a particular task. In each and every case the support folks at AP were amazingly capable of not only helping me arrive at a solution, but would go the extra mile to make sure I understood why that particular solution was superior to other approaches.

I have no hesitation whatsoever recommending Audio Precision products to anyone with a need for an audio analyzer. Audio Precision is awesome!

Now, to figure out how to get my hands on $28,000...

Click here if you can't see the video.

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If you do a "APx555 for Innerfidelity" Kickstarter, I would gladly donate. :)

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