T.H.E. Show Newport 2015: Introduction

I quite enjoyed the vibe over at the Atrium and Hilton hotels T.H.E. Show Newport has been held at for the past few years. But Bob Levi and Richard Beers have grown the show so much that it no longer fits in the twin hotel venue there, and have had to find one much larger. Enter the Hotel Irvine: A Lifestyle Hotel—they say on their promotional materials.

I'm not exactly sure I know what a "lifestyle hotel" is, but I can tell you its bold colors, open breezy feel, and superb amenities seems like a perfect fit for Bob Levi's audio extravaganza. As in years past, wine, cigars, fast cars, art, food trucks, and most importantly live music, filled show goer's sensory experience to overflowing.

Where to start? At the beginning of course. I was at the front desk about an hour before showtime to get my press pass, and passed the time before the 9:45am opening ceremonies hobnobbing with the audio celebs.


Left to right: Michael Fremer of my sister publication AnalogPlanet.com; Harmony Hicks of HeadphoneGuru.com; and Heather and Steven Rochlin of EnjoyTheMusic.com—there will be laughing in this conversation!


Steve Rochlin, always the dapper fellow, wore his Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog slippers...and why not.


Just a random little snap as I wait for the opening ceremony of Robert Harley and Bob Levi, but in the background audio royalty abounds. L to R: With his back to us, Chuck Bruce of the Audio Video Club of Atlanta; Harmony Hicks; Michael Fremer; Steve Rochlin; and David Robinson and to the far right Dave Clark of Positive Feedback.


And then the luminaries mounted the stage for the opening ceremonies lead by Richard Beers, who thanked and welcomed show-goers.


Richard passed the mic to Bob who gave us a rundown on the show highlights, and then introduced the editors who would cut the ribbon to open the show.


And then, quite literally, to great fanfare...


...the ribbon was cut to officially open the show. Bob is quite proud of his new scissors that, unlike years past, are actually able to cut the ribbon.


By the time the ceremony was over, the line had grown out into the lobby. An hour later the line went past the front desk, past the elevators, past the marketplace, past the bar, and all the way to the restaurant at the other end of the hotel. I would guess there were well over 200 people in line at one point. Be sure to arrive early next year to avoid the line!

Me? I headed straight for the Headphonium to see if there was anything new. Mind you, two months ago I was at CanJam SoCal and last month at AXPONA with all same players. The good news? Yeah, I did see some cool new stuff. It's all coming up, stay tuned!

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I guess there's no getting the dye outa that wool. Are there enough turntable people still out there to support with new products?


that "listen to the music" guy, hmm.

Is this the current crop of "Celeb" dignitaries needed to open a Big Audio Show? or all they could afford.

Still, I'll bet Levi & Beers more than break-even with a sold-out Hotel percentage cut, plus a slice of everything else. Shows are profitable for the organizers.

Tony in Michigan