T.H.E Show Newport 2015: Lynx Studio Technology Hilo Reference A/D-D/A Converter

Originally designed for mastering engineers, the Lynx Studio Technology Hilo ($2495) is a two channel A/D-D/A converter capable of up to 24/192 conversion and comes in both USB and Thunderbolt variants. Why were they at a high-end audio show? Because, they say, the Hilo is ideal for transferring analog vinyl and tape to digital files for computer playback. Now you'd think a two channel D/A-A/D wouldn't be all that complicated but, holy smoke, there are a lot of bells and whistles on this thing.


A few of the many views of the touch screen display.

Other than powering it on and off with the power button, all control of the Hilo is done through its colorful touch-screen display. I spent a good ten minutes just cycling through all the displays and found they were very well laid out and made very good sense. Many features caught my attention but one that typifies the Hilo is that many of its channels, including the meters, have trim and calibration adjustments.


While the front panel is clean as a whistle, the rear panel bristles with connections. Line ins and outs are XLR; monitor outs are 1/4" TRS; digital ins and outs are available in AES, coax, and Toslink optical; and word clock signals use BNC connectors. Interestingly, both the headphone and monitor out use separate D/A converters from the line outs. The thing is so feature rich it's best I simply point you to the Hilo product page and wish you great fun finding the right tool for transferring your analog library to digital.

Click here if you can't see the video.

thelostMIDrange's picture

Could you contact the maker and see about making a scaled down version of this? All we need is the basic software to interface a turntable 'preamp out' into the ubuntu or windows. Don't need any eq, or software that manipulates anything. No click and pop reduction, nothing. Just the interface software and ADC with choice of 44/16 or 96/24. $2-300 is our limit. Thanks!

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Why not just get a different (semi-)pro audio interface?
There are some great and cheap interfaces out there for USB, FireWire, PCIe - whatever you need.

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